Consultation #2738

Updated by Michael Lutz about 4 years ago

<p>Please find attached v1.0 release candidate 1 (rc1) of a new <strong>Technical Guidance document for download services based on the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) 2.0</strong> standard.</p>

<p>The document has been developed by the MIG sub-group MIWP-7b (#2440), with support from a contractor (James Passmore, BGS). It includes:</p>

<li>a mapping from the IR requirements for download service to the operations and parameters supported by the WCS 2.0 standard (section 4.1)</li>
<li>detailed guidelines for &quot;pre-defined dataset&quot; download services (the operations required for all download services) (section 5)</li>
<li>detailed guidelines for &quot;direct access&quot; download sevices (section 6)</li>
<li>detailed guidelines for quality of service requirements (section 7)</li>

<p>As previously discussed, the document has been drafted as a stand-alone TG document complementing the current TG document for download services (that could be split up in separate documents in a similar fashion in the future).</p>

<p>We ask you to <strong>review and provide feedback</strong> on the proposed TG as a comment to this issue <strong>by Friday, 29 April 2016</strong>.</p>

<p>Please &nbsp;select one of the following options:</p>

<p>[ ] <strong>We agree</strong> to submitting the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement<br />
[ ] <strong>We&nbsp;agree</strong> to submitting&nbsp;the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement <strong>after taking in account the provided&nbsp;comments</strong><br />
[ ] <strong>We do not agree</strong> to submitting&nbsp;the proposed TG to the MIG-P for endorsement (<strong>as justified through in the provided comments</strong>)</p>

<p>Please provide your comments (if any) using the attached <strong>commenting table</strong> (TG_for_WCS-based_download_services_v1.0rc1_comments_XX.docx).</p>