Workshop on WCS-based download services & coverages

Added by Michael Lutz about 6 years ago

On 14-15 October 2014, a workshop will be held in Ispra with interested countries and technical experts on WCS-based INSPIRE download services and coverages. The agenda, presentations and minutes will be made available on the workshop page.

The workshop will bring together providers and users of coverage data who have experience in managing and serving different types of coverages and will cover at least the following topics:
  • Mapping requirements of the Network Services IRs to the WCS specification
  • Implementation experiences and potential issues with using the WCS for delivering INSPIRE coverage data
  • Discussion of coverage-related issues (encoding, formats, relation to O&M)
  • Relation to OGC Met/ocean WCS profile
  • Planning of road map and next steps for WCS/coverage-related INSPIRE TGs