Re3gistry software v0.4 publication

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Developed under ISA Action 1.1.7, A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA), and the INSPIRE team at the EC Joint Research Centre, the 4th version of the INSPIRE Registry service and v0.4 of the underlying Re3gistry software have just been released in JoinUp [1].

Collaborative development

The software has been developed with wide reuse in different sectors in mind. As part of a new approach, from mid-July to the 21 September 2014, stakeholders from across Europe were asked to provide feedback on v0.4 of the software through public review and testing which also included the recently proposed RDF format that could make such registers/'reference data' reusable as vocabularies in other sectors [2].

Around 20 participants from different countries actively contributed to the testing and the ARE3NA and INSPIRE teams would like to thank all of them for their interest, support and helpful feedback.

The testing involved both support for the Re3gistry’s development (the software), the INSPIRE registry (the service as a release candidate) and the INSPIRE registers (the content). Software testing began with a ‘sandbox’ instance to test the complete life cycle of the Re3gistry software (i.e. data checking, data import, data export and web service testing). Users could insert their data using the Re3gistry software and could then directly check the outcome of the procedure through the "sandbox" service instance; thus helping to test both the software and its procedures.

Similarly, participants were able to test and provide feedback on the INSPIRE registry service and its contents by using data which was ready for deployment. More information about the testing period and the feedback received can be found on the INSPIRE MIG site [3].

New features

On a technical level, v0.4 of the Re3gistry has seen notable developments both for the way registries are created and for the functionalities they can have, these include:

•new module-based development allowing easier extension/customization;
•incremental data import added (supporting new data import, saving and editing previous imports);
•ISO 19135-1 functionalities added: addition, clarification, supersession, invalidation and retirement;
•simplified data files (no more XML descriptor);
•complete data consistency check included in the data procedure;
•multilingual support allows others to reuse the software in their own language;
•new edits/changes can be exported separately (using an incremental static-file approach);
•simpler customization of the exported file using the XSLT files);
•(bug fixing)

Next steps

ARE3NA plans to develop the next version of the Re3gistry in the next couple of months following a similar public review approach


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