Controlling notification emails from Redmine

If you feel you are getting too many notification emails, please adjust your settings
Added by Ilkka Rinne over 5 years ago

Hi all,

Some of you have been getting a lot of notification emails from Redmine in the last few days. This is because the MIWP-5 MD+NS validation workshop team have started to use the issue management tool to manage the workshop preparation and reporting tasks, which is what an issue management tool like this is meant for.

If you feel that you are getting too many emails that do not directly concern you, please go to the "My account" settings at and tune your email notification settings. You are of course more than welcome to keep following all our activities and comment on any issue presented.


Ilkka Rinne
MD+NS Validation workshop facilitator


Added by Michael Lutz over 5 years ago

Thanks, Ilkka.

I have cleaned up the MIWP-5 members a bit. Developers are currently only the participants of the MD+NS validation workshop. We will then soon be adding the nominated members of the MIWP-5 sub-group.


Added by Michael Lutz over 5 years ago

P.S. I am not sure that notifications about the issues you created ( were actually sent out to the workshop participants. You may have to add them (group: MIWP-5-NS+MD_workshop) as a watcher group to the issues.