Registry federation webinar 2014-11-26

Added by Michael Lutz almost 6 years ago

In the scope of the on-going study on an INSPIRE registry federation, a webinar was organised to present intermediate results. [Slides presented at INSPIRE registry federation webinar]

The study aims at

  • Collecting and organising reference material on existing national registry implementations and requirements for an INSPIRE registry federation from selected Member States and EU institutions and bodies;
  • Preparing a report proposing:
    • An architecture for an INSPIRE registry federation including the central INSPIRE registry/registers, registries/registers in the Member States (at national and sub-national level) and the proposed registry of registries. The architecture shall allow registries/registers to be connected to each other and to access and make available each other’s content.
    • Metadata elements for describing registries/registers, taking into account relevant international standards, where appropriate.
    • A core API and exchange format(s) for querying and exchanging register content between registries inside the federation, taking into account existing standards and initiatives and widely used encodings (e.g. RDF, XML or CSV).
    • A concept (methods, procedures etc.) and conceptual data model for modelling national, local or community extensions of INSPIRE registers.
    • A set-up for a testbed for implementing the proposed registry federation with several Member States.
    • Recommendations for missing features or functionalities of the central INSPIRE registry.