New communication platform

This platform will be used to communicate MIG related issues. Access is restricted and through ECAS.
Added by Freddy Fierens over 3 years ago

Dear discovery service contact points, MIG representatives and NCP’s,

we would like to inform you about a number of changes in how we develop / maintain the INSPIRE geoportal (including its harvesting and validation components) and how we communicate with Member States about any questions or issues related to the harvesting and validation of metadata form the discovery services in the Member States.

Geoportal development

In the past, the INSPIRE validator, which is operated as part of the Geoportal harvester, was updated whenever new issues were identified or when the time schedule of the legal obligations required this.

In order to guarantee a more stable behaviour over longer time periods, we decided to switch to a managed release cycle, accompanied by a clear list of the changes and by a timely communication before the release. Relevant  communications will be published through the MIG collaboration space, and contact points will receive an automatic update e-mail (see below).

In order to streamline and keep better track of the communication between the geoportal team and the contact points for the discovery services in the Member States, we will start using a dedicated project on the MIG collaboration space (including a wiki, issue tracker and news section) as the main communication channel instead of e-mail. The project will be private and will be open to all registered discovery service contact points as well as interested INSPIRE NCPs or MIG representatives.

Getting access
In order to get access to this Geoportal project on the MIG collaboration space, please send an e-mail to If you have never used the MIG collaboration space for other projects, please also send us your ECAS login.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Best regards,