Re3gistry software v. 1.2

Added by Daniele Francioli over 4 years ago

We are happy to announce release 1.2 of the Re3gistry software!

This new version contains several improvements and new features, some of which are based on feedback received from users of earlier versions of the software. The most important improvements and new features are:

  • We have updated the documentation to make the Re3gistry easier to install, configure and customise. This release now also contains two complete sets of examples: One that allows to replicate a "registry service" similar to the INSPIRE registry service (with some example data) and an additional example that contains more generic data and a neutral web interface that can be easily customized.
  • Following user feedback, the Re3gistry now also supports a new authentication method in addition to ECAS, which was suitable to be installed only on servers trusted by the European Commission. The new authentication method (based on Apache SHIRO) allows the system to be installed on any server.
  • The Re3gistry now includes a new web application that provides a simple method (based on the JSON format) to set up and customise the service's web user interface (HTML representation).
  • It is now possible to manually start the data export of the full content of the database from the Re3gistry administration interface

Questions, issues for discussions, bugs and suggestions for new features can be submitted in the issue tracker (

Thank you in advance for helping us improve the Re3gistry software.

Best regards,
The JRC Re3gistry Team