Members of the 2017.4 MIG sub-group

Name, E-mail, Affiliation MS E-mail Affiliation Expertise MD NS DS Contibutions 
Alejandra Sánchez Maganto ES National Centre for Geographic Information of Spain metadata, catalogue, web applications, web services
Contact point metadata and catalog SDI ES
x     Provide comments and suggestions by checking the Spanish INSPIRE services; improving the tool (bugs, improvement)
Ion Nedelcu RO    Member of INSPIRE coordination body in RO; co-chair with Vasile the NS coordiantion group    x   Provide recommendations to national bodies on implementation of NS
Vasile Crăciunescu RO   INSPIRE implementatyion in Meteo Romania; national working groups; data transformation and NS   x x Promote validator in Romania
Thijs Brentjens NL Geonovum, The Netherlands Developing technical tests and validation tools for INSPIRE View and Download Services, in a national (the Netherlands) and European context with the ESDIN Test Framework (ETF / SOAPUI). Contributed to the development and review of Abstract Test Suites for Download Services and View Services. Developing (web) applications and services based on geospatial standards, like INSPIRE view and download, OGC WMS and OGC WFS and providing consultancy services on the implementation and use of these standards. Good knowledge of ISO metadata standards (19115, 19119, 19139) and INSPIRE metadata. (x) x   Thijs can provide his expertise to support the temporary MIG sub-group on all tasks, focusing on Network services. He can also share experiences with the validation tooling in the Netherlands of both metadata and INSPIRE view and download services. Geonovum can help promoting usage of the validator in the Netherlands.
Carlo Cipolloni IT ISPRA- Italian Institute fro Environmental Protection and Research Leader of previous Validation and conformity test sub-group, developing INSPIRE services based on OGC WxS geospatial standards, developing web client and application based on INSPIRE, contribute to develop OGC GeoSciML standard and expert in Data Specification harmonisation and schematron validation.   x x I can support all tasks of sub-group, mainly on View Network services and Data Specification. ISPRA has in progress to implement a validation platform based on ETS developed already and wants implement the other as reference platform in Italy. In addition on Metadata 2.0 will supported by AgID.
Antonio Rotundo IT AgID - Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale He has been working at the implementation of the Italian National Catalogue for Spatial Data (RNDT), the Italian GeoDCAT-AP profile and Italian registry. In this context, he has been working in the technical assistance to (national, regional and local) Public Administrations in order to create and publish metadata conformant to national and INSPIRE rules; definition of the Italian technical guidelines about metadata for the spatial data sets and services; define a procedure to validate metadata and developed a validation web system for metadata. He has participated to develop Metadata TG 2.0 and was involved in the previous action MIWP-5/2016.3. x Discovery services   Resolution of comments; support ISPRA in the Metadata 2.0 validation procedure, also developing requirements and integrating the system in Italian metadata validation platform.
Francisco Caldeira PT Statistics Portugal Francisco Caldeira is working in the Statistics Portugal. At the same time is involved in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive at national level in Metadata, Spatial Data Services (incl. Atom) and Data Harmonization (in particular on themes of SU, PD, HH, AD, GN and BU) (x) x (x) Is available to develop actions in the various tasks of the Sub-Group. PoC for PT
Teemu Saloriutta FI National Land Survey of Finland Setting up and validating INSPIRE compliant WMS and WFS services. Product Owner in agile software development projects. Data modeling experience; project manager for FI Geospatial Platform for distribution of authoritative spartial data (where validator will be a crucial component).
  x (x) Contributing the development of the INSPIRE test framework / validator especially regarding the INSPIRE View and Download services
Michael Östling SE  Lantmäteriet, Sweden  Metadata, geoportal, services, validation x x   Mainly contribute to the development regarding metadata and service validation
Anja Litka DE Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy
Coordination Office Spatial Data Infrastructure
Richard-Strauß-Allee 11
60598 Frankfurt/Main
Knowledge of INSPIRE metadata and ISO metadata standards (e.g. 19115, 19119, 19139) as well as Implementing Rules and Technical Guidelines for metadata and their implementation, experiences with the validation tool in Germany (GDI-DE Testsuite) for metadata and INSPIRE network (view, download) services  x x   Development and review of Abstract Test Suites for metadata and INSPIRE network services 
Christian Seip DE Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy
Coordination Office Spatial Data Infrastructure
Richard-Strauß-Allee 11
60598 Frankfurt/Main
Service Quality and Conformance Testing (cf. e.g. this paper), developed a (marine) metadata portal for the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research (using GeoNetwork 3, contributed to ISO 19139 SeaDataNet CSR and CDI Shemas); temporary replacement for the GDI.DE contact point on the for the German test suite. (x) (x) (x) Mainly to follow discussions
Marie Lambois FR IGN France Knowledge of INSPIRE metadata and ISO metadata standards (e.g. 19115, 19119, 19139) as well as Implementing Rules and Technical Guidelines for metadata and their implementation, knowledge of INSPIRE services and OGC standards, knowledge of INSPIRE data and GML standards, already tested the INSPIRE validation tool.  x x x  
Richard Mitanchey FR CEREMA Knowledge about INSPIRE metadata and data, responsible for French Validation tool for COVADIS standards. Temporary substituting Marie Lambois. x   x  
Marcus Sen UK British Geological Survey (UK) Experience in the specification and implementation of validation rules used in national INSPIRE validation tools for MD and NS. Actual OGC CITE Team engine experience with validating candidate WFS' (including Version 2.0) and WMS' for international SDI's. Also experience with schematron creation and other validating tools use. Actual experience of configuring and serving INSPIRE compliant WFS'. Co-author of OGC GeoSciML spec now recommended as data spec for INSPIRE Geology theme.) Internationally recognised as an expert on OGC/ISO standards in the web services domain.   x GE Review issues on download services, view services and GE; national PoC for UK (working on ensuring that the UK's thematic WFS' will be compliant and contributed to code for open source software Geoserver to further improve its conformance to the OGC/ISO standards and the needs of INSPIRE web services)
Lars-Inge Arnevik NO

Norwegian Mapping Authority

National Geoportal project manager; metadata profiles (incl. national DCAT profile); data harmonisation and distribution according to natuional
and INSPIRE schema; setting up of WFS and Atom; integrate validation tools into national geoportal (the old MD validator has already been integrated); inform and encourage and supervise stakeholders in NO on validation


Expertise: Lars-Inge Arnevik is responsible for the technical implementation of the Norwegian Geoportal with validation tools based on different input softwares. He is also responsible for giving national advice to the national delivery organisations on technical requirements, and responsible for coordinating conformity testing of spatial data. He has high technical skills in the field. Contact point for Norway towards the Inspire geoportal and participant in the Nordic Open Source Initiative (NOSIN).

x     Contributions: Will be active in discussions,  come up with Norwegian experiences and in setting up technical test implementations.
Roland Grillmeyer AT   PoC in AT for all issues related to data modelling/specifications; involved in GML standardisation in ISO/TC 211; land monitoring sensing system based on Copernicus data - SD;HB;LU;LC etc.     Annex II+III Testing of Annex II+III data
Veronika Kusova CZ Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre

Responsible for implementation of themes Geographical Names, Hydrography, Transport Networks, Elevation and Orthoimagery in the Czech Republic - it includes harmonization of data and services and creation of metadata. She also creates metadata records for non-INSPIRE data sets and services that are managed by Land Survey Office. She also has responsibility for validation of INSPIRE data and INSPIRE services and all metadata managed by the office.


Good knowledge and technical skill in XSD, XML and GML, XSL transformation, validation of data, data modelling and ISO and OGC standards. She was involved in creation of Czech national metadata profile.

x x x
Resolution of issues on metadata, network services and data (BU, AD, GN, HY, TN, CP, EL, OI), testing of ETF tool, PoC for CZ
Michael Med CZ Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre

Responsible for implementation of themes Parcels, Addresses, Administrative Units and Buildings, data models for extended Buildings and extended Parcels in the Czech Republic. He also has set up metadata and services documents for all themes listed above. His work contains also all metadata documents for administrative non-INSPIRE data at the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre. Responsible for validation of all data, services and metadata he was responsible to create.

Skilled in data modelling, XSD and GML, XSL transformation, validation of data, ISO and OGC standards. He was involved in ELF project, where he took part in creating GetFeatureInfo responses templates for view services and seting up metadata and services for Cadastral Index Map.

x x x
Resolution of issues on metadata, network services and data (BU, AD, GN, HY, TN, CP, EL, OI), testing of ETF tool, PoC for CZ
Martin Tuchyňa SK Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic metadata, interoperability, monitoring and reporting x     Support for effective governance of validation and synergies with eGov and Open Data activities  
Tomáš Kliment SK Ing. Tomáš Kliment, PhD. - KLIMETO metadata, network services, interoperability, geospatial software development and testing x x x Technical support of SK LMO in delivering INSPIRE compliant services and applications
Heidi Vanparys DK Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (DK)

knowledge of metadata, GML and WFS standards; skilled in data modelling, XML, XML Schema; involved in transforming data and setting up services at the Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency; involved in the process around taking the validator in use in DK

x x x

Use the validator on DK metadata, data and services, and pinpoint possible issues; Provide feedback on issues reported regarding the validator; Promote validator in DK