Known ETF instances in the Member States

This page is tracking the status of local deployments of the ETF validator software in MS and the EC.

Country Organisation


(experimental, pre-operational, operational)

URL Comments ETF version Type of deployment Date of last update
EC Joint Research Centre operational   2.0.0-b180119T2123 Build from source 2018-03-28
CY Department of Lands and Surveys of Cyprus and the Ministry of Interior experimental         2018-01-10
NL Geonovum operational

We are using the ETF for validation of:

  • INSPIRE metadata documents (dataset and service metadata), XSD and Schematron validation
  • INSPIRE View Services (WMS implementations), Download services (WFS, ATom implementations)
  • country specific profiles (NL) for metadata
  • country specific profiles (NL) for WFS and WMS
  • GML documents: generic GML requirements, Simple Features Profile, geometry validation.
  • some country specific GML profiles / application schemas

We are in the process of migrating the validators to ETF v2 and using the generic validators if these are mature enough. Another important reason to migrate is providing the API of ETF v2 to organisations.


Builds of Interactive Instruments on a Linux server.

Not (yet?) using docker.

DK Agency for Data supply and efficiency (SDFE) pre-operational   Our agency decided to deploy the validator in our organization. We will establish an integration from our GeoNetwork installation and give the other Danish organizations working with INSPIRE access to use it directly.   Docker 2018-01-26
FI National Land Survey of Finland pre-operational  

The validator is part of the Finnish Geospatial Platform project and there are plans to extend it to cover some national test cases. We haven’t used the validator yet but it’s running in our test server. During the spring 2018 it will be used to validate the Finnish INSPIRE web services.