MIWP-7a "SOS-based download services"

The main objectives of the sub-group on download services for observation data are to take over the results of the Are3na study on an SOS-based INSPIRE download service (including an open source implementation of an SOS-based download service) and propose to the MIG appropriate updates to the existing INSPIRE Technical Guidelines. Whenever relevant, the sub-group shall also test and create prototypes of information systems (e.g. SOS clients) to demonstrate the added value of the updates proposed to the MIG. The main outputs of the sub-group are:

  1. Updated TGs for observations and measurements (D2.9)
  2. Updated TGs for INSPIRE download services, including sections on download services for observations
  3. Example applications (use cases) serving/consuming observation data through INSPIRE/SOS

Background materials

In the context of the Are3na project, a study has been carried out on "Download services for observation data". Please check the Are3na SOS study's wiki page for further information and the deliverables.