"Open Source implementation of an INSPIRE Download service based on the OGC Sensor Observation Service"

The main objectives of the study are as follows:

  • (1) Creation an open source implementation based on the OGC® Sensor Observation Service (SOS) Interface Standard, version 2.0 and compliant with the requirements for INSPIRE Download Services, specified in the Network Services Implementing Rules; and
  • (2) Consequent update the Technical Guidance (TG) for INSPIRE download services in close collaboration with the EC Expert Group for INSPIRE implementation and maintenance (MIG).

The study is carried out in 2014 by 52 North (Munster), together with JRC.

The following products have been produced within the study:

Open source implementation of an INSPIRE/SOS

The open source product is based on the 52 North SOS implementation.

Proposal for update of the Download Services Technical Guidance (TG) document

The document is based on the latest approved version of the TG, and extends the content of the document to cover SOS as a possible solution for establishment of INSPIRE download services.

Endpoint of a demo INSPIRE/SOS service

A demo service is running at JRC, loaded with observation data for air quality.

Web client, consuming data from the INSPIRE/SOS

A Web based application is configured to illustrate the retrieval and visualization of data, originating from the INSPIRE/SOS service running at JRC.

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