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1. Pawel Soczewski Proposition "one observation offering is equivalent to a spatial dataset" isn't comply with idea of O&M. The SOS standard defines that an offering groups a collection of observations produced by one procedure - O&M Process. Such an approach implies a Process object definition. The Process object represents only method of data aggregation into dataset and not method, algorithm which may be used in making an observation. For example in Polish meteorological observations Proces is represent by instance of observed property, method and sensor. In this case, the above proposal leads to a lots of datasets. Therefore, in order to maintain a more flexible approach to the Process, we may consider a similar solution as in the case of WFS services - one service is one dataset. 89      
2. Pawel Soczewski No mapping Unique resource Identifier to OGC SOS element 91      
3. Diomede Illuzzi

Unique Resource Identifier (M) Table31 is empty.
Should be

4. Diomede Illuzzi example 57 is wrong: it reports a GetFeatureOfInterest instead of a GetObservation        
5. Diomede Illuzzi Web client, consuming data from the INSPIRE/SOS does not load
6. Diomede Illuzzi Demo INSPIRE/SOS service looks not compliant to the proposed TG and inconsistent with the capabilities document it serves.
E.g. I didn't manage to query to query jrc-ws-0815 as offering
7. Diomede Illuzzi GetObservationByID operation: the SOS implementation has to search in the gml:identifier field of all available observations to respond to that request. This means that the client has to know which identifier has to be used.
How to get the list of available identifiers?
Is this operation supposed to be used just by who knows the service?
    I think the information flow /use case should be clarified in this case  
8. Diomede Illuzzi Spatial Resolution: if part of the abstract without any specific constraint is useless for a M2M interface        
9. Diomede Illuzzi Request for Feedback from MIG: the theme parameter could be used for a consistency check with the theme declared by the service, maybe declared in the extended capabilities. However this would lead to an increased complexity of the client server interaction        
10. Diomede Illuzzi Lack of examples, for each section an example reporting request and response should be reported, as done for the capabilities, to avoid misinterpretation        
11. Emmanuel Devys Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 (Section 4): WFS should be replaced by WFS/SOS     Rationale: The intent is to address SOS in addition to WFS.  
12. Emmanuel Devys Conformity* (M) item in Table 28: Mapping INSPIRE Metadata elements to ISO 19142 WFS (editorial comment)
*refers to conformity of to the Data Specificaitons : change to Data Specifications
13. Emmanuel Devys Section 7: TG Conformance Class 3: invalid reference => add correct reference to TG Requirement 62 (editorial comment)
"Direct WFS: Implement Direct Access Download Service (“Parts B & C”) using ISO 19142 Web Feature Service and ISO 19143 Filter Encoding.
This conformance class is inclusive of:
TG Requirement 62 to Error! Reference source not found.Error! Reference source not found."
14. Pawe? Soczewski

TG Recommendation 23     If the CRS parameter is absent in the request, ETRS89 should be used as a default CRS.


Why ETRS89 instead of the default CRS of datasets?

15 Pawel Soczewski The INSPIRE O&M defines 4 types of features: OM_Observation, Process, ObservationSet and feature of interest. All of them should be available in dataset. Only operation GetFeatureOfInterest provides access to instances of "feature of interest" feature type. That's why this operation shoud be mandatory if SOS service doesn't refer to WFS server.        
16 Pawel Soczewski The INSPIRE O&M defines ObservationSet features type. The SOS service doesn't support it.        



  • TG for SOS-based download servcies. Version, containing MIWP-7a comments (rc2).


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