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  • Sylvain Grellet


  • Pawel Soczewski
  • Barbara Magagna
  • Kathi Schleidt
  • Paolo Tagliolato

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1. Pawel Soczewski

Because the SOS Service requires implement Spatial Filtering Profile, an observation to have one parameter which contains the sampling geometry of the observation.

I propose to add section 6.6.2 Spatial Filtering with this requirement and example. The requirement could have two option:
1. the sampling geometry parameter is mandatory only if dataset is publishing by SOS service
2. the sampling geometry parameter is always mandatory to keep conformation with encoding datasets in various services eg. ATOM, WFS.

2. Pawel Soczewski 6.7 Referencing to and from Observation.
If the AbstractMonitoringFeature will be refers to many observation, it would be cause technical problems in XML file eg. station is related with observation of daily sum of precipitation. The issue is how reduce the number of observation.
67   May be solution is referencing to ObservationSet feature  
3.  Pawel Soczewski

6.8.1 Observing Capability of a Facility

It the same issue like #2. If a conception of process definition is high level of granularity, there will be a lots of Observing Capability associated with monitoring feature. It could be cause technical problem in XML files.









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