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Toggle_check # Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Author Tracker
2331NewNormalUse Case G: Automated propagation/dissemination of registry content updates25 Feb 2015 12:08 pmNorbert PfaffingerDiscussion
2330NewNormalUse case A: Search for existing codelistChristian Ansorge11 May 2015 11:53 amMichael LutzDiscussion
2831FeedbackHighBest Practices for registers and registries & Technical Guidelines for the INSPIRE register federation04 Oct 2016 05:09 pmDaniele FrancioliDiscussion
2661AssignedNormal[Register Federation] Registration processDaniele Francioli24 Feb 2016 09:42 amDaniele FrancioliDiscussion
2615NewNormal[Register Federation] Fields for the Register exchange format24 Feb 2016 09:43 amDaniele FrancioliDiscussion
2337NewNormalRegister Federation Architecture - DRAFT -17 Mar 2015 03:13 pmDaniele FrancioliDiscussion
2803NewNormalMethodology for extention of CodelistMichael Lutz29 Jun 2016 10:29 amChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2746NewNormalFAQ on register and registriesMichael Lutz31 Mar 2016 09:19 amChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2688ResolvedNormalExpress constrains between codelistsDaniele Francioli11 Feb 2016 01:35 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2438NewNormalUse case A-2b: Retrieve all register items of an a register (item), including the values in all known extensions11 May 2015 08:56 amChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2436NewNormalUse case A-2a: Retrieve all register items of a register (item) extension (including the items in the extended register)11 May 2015 09:02 amChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2435NewNormalUse case A-1: Retrieve (the ids of) all known extensions of a given register (item)07 May 2015 04:28 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2433NewNormalUse case BMO-2a: Register an extension of an asset (register, register item) in the federation07 May 2015 03:06 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2432NewNormalUse case BMO-1b: Register an extension of an asset (register, register item) in the federation07 May 2015 03:05 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2431NewNormalUse case BMO-1a: Register an asset (registry, register, register item) in the federation07 May 2015 03:03 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2336NewNormalUse Case F Linking the registers/registries with the underlying UML modelsChristian Ansorge25 Feb 2015 12:08 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2335NewNormalUse Case E Extend existing feature catalogue/uml model with the new itemChristian Ansorge24 Mar 2015 04:15 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2334NewNormalUse Case D Search for an existing feature catalogue/uml model itemChristian Ansorge24 Mar 2015 04:13 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2333NewNormalUse Case C - Extend existing codelistChristian Ansorge25 Feb 2015 12:07 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2332NewNormalUse Case B - Creating new codelistChristian Ansorge25 Feb 2015 12:05 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2318NewNormalMIWP-6 - Identification and documentation of use cases for Registries and RegistersChristian Ansorge25 Feb 2015 12:09 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion


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