16th MIWP-6 sub-group meeting

Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 15:00-16:30 CEST

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[15:00-15:15] Welcome, approval of the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)

[15:15-16:00] "Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries" document (for discussion and endorsement) (Daniele Francioli)

  • Comment resolution and updated version (rc2): #2831
  • Next steps

[16:00-16:15] Next steps for the MIWP-6 sub-group

  • Proposal for roles and procedures for the central INSPIRE registry and RoR

[16:15-16:30] AOB

  • Activities at the INSPIRE conference

Draft Minutes


Chris Schubert (AT), Esa Tiainen (FI), Falk Wuerriehausen (DE), Jesus Barrera (ES), Christian Ansorge, Michael Noren (EEA), Lorena Hernandez, Emanuela Epure, Daniele Francioli, Michael Lutz (JRC)

Welcome, approval of the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting

Michael L welcomed the new MIWP-6 member Falk Wuerriehausen from Germany.

The agenda was approved as proposed.

The minutes of the minutes of the previous meeting were approved without comments.

"Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries" document 

Michael L thanked Chris (AT), Andreas (DE), Jesus & Alejandra (ES) and Christian & Michael N (EEA) for their comments on the draft document. The comments and proposed resolutions are available in the issue #2831.

Additional comments during the meeting:

  • Chris S proposed to place the best practices on register management in a separate chapter or an annex.
    • Michael L replied that this section was introdued due to requests from the group to also have basic guidance on this topic.
    • It was agreed to leave the section in its current place and see if there are similar comments from other MS during the MIG-T consultation.
  • Esa reported about plans to set up their own register federation in Finland and asked whether the JRC could give assistance or draft technical guidelines for setting up a national register federation.
    • Michael L replied that there are unfortunately no resources foreseen in JRC to draft such additional guidelines and for packaging the RoR software as an OS package. But the source code could be shared "as is" with limited support.
  • Michael N wondered whether the RoR is limited to the Member states only.
    • Michael L replied that in the operation, this would depend on the operational rules for the register federation. These should define who the submitting organisations could be. This question clearly illustrates the need for a control body and operation rules.
  • It was agreed to highlight the changes from one conformance class to the next in yellow in Annex A.
  • It was agreed to remove the FAQ annex from the document for the time being. It can always be brought back (e.g. as a web page) when specific questions come up during implementation in the MS.
  • It was agreed to add another annex with an example on how to use code list extensions in practice when sharing INSPIRE data. [Action] The EEA will draft the Annex, but the document will already be sent out to MIG-T with a placeholder.

Next steps:

  • [Action] JRC to finalise the document based on the comments received.
  • MIG-T review (until mid-November)
  • MIG-P review and endorsement (in the Dec meeting or by written procedure)

The JRC registry team reported about the next release of the Re3gistry software (planned for October), which will include support for

  • externally defined items (as references to existing http URIs)
  • the RoR descriptor formats

More sophisticated support for externally defined items is planned for later releases.

Next steps for the MIWP-6 sub-group

According to its ToR, the MIWP-6 sub-group should also develop a document on roles and procedures for the central INSPIRE registry and the RoR too. 

Currently, the JRC registry team is acting as the de-facto control body, even if it should be the MIG (or a group delegated by it).

[Action] JRC to make a first draft and sent it out for comments and discussion.

Michael L asks for examples of similar documents in the MS or in EEA. Chris will share the draft Austrian registry rules.

This will be the last task of the sub-group. A short report on the outcomes of the group will need to be done, members f the group will be asked for contribution.


There are a number of presentations and demos around registers and the register federation at the INSPIRE Conference (see detailed programme).