2nd MIWP-6 sub-group meeting

Friday, 23 January 2015, 10:00 - 11:30 CET

Connection details


10:00-10:30 Organisation of work / Review of the tasks, leads and contributors  (Michael)

10:30-10:45 ToC for the initial version of the planned TG (Michael)

10:45-11:00 Testbed set-up (Andreas) [Slides: 20150123_INSPIRE-Register-Federation-proposed_testbed.pptx]

11:00-11:15 Re3gistry & INSPIRE registry testing and open issues (Daniele & Emanuela)

  • Testing feedback and possible extension of testing period
  • Multi-valued custom attributes (#2317)

11:15-11:30 AOB

  • INSPIRE/GWF conference workshop

Draft Minutes


  • MIWP-6 sub-group members: Alejandra Sánchez, Anders Foureaux, Andreas von Dömming, Chris Schubert, Christian Ansorge, Christine Laaboudie, Clément Jaquemet, Esa Tiainen, Florian Esser, Jesus Barrera, Magnus Karge, Martin Tuchyna, Michael Lutz, Norbert Pfaffinger, Willem van Gemert, Zhenya Valcheva 
  • Other attendees: Daniele Francioli, Emanuela Epure, Heidi Vanparys

Organisation of work

The list of tasks, leads and contributors was discussed and updated. Everyone is asked again to visit the current list and add his/her name to the tasks they would like to lead or to which they would like to contribute.

[Action A6.1] Michael to discuss with Jeremy Tandy the lead of the testbed task.

[Action A6.2] Michael to investigate feasibility to fund a TG editor.

ToC for the initial version of the planned TG

The proposed ToC for the initial version of the planned TG was presented and discussed. It was suggested to

  • add a section that explains how registers and registries fit in the overall architecture of INSPIRE,
  • explain which legal requirements exist for registers and registries and how these fit with the proposed conformance classes, 
  • swap chapters 4 + 5, and
  • include recommendations on governance of registers

Michael explained that the only legal requirement on registers is in the Regulation on interoperablity of spatial dara sets and services for code list extensions (which need to be published in a register).

[Action A6.3] Michael to update the TG ToR as proposed.

Testbed set-up

Andreas presented a proposal for setting up the testbed [20150123_INSPIRE-Register-Federation-proposed_testbed.pptx].

Esa asked how HTTP URIs come into picture- do all resources have URIs. It was discussed that indeed the current assumption is that items/resources in registers are accessed through the http URIs.

Michael suggested that we would also need (if possible independent) testers carrying out the use cases for the different set-ups.

Martin said that he would like to participate in the testbed by providing national extensions. One alternative testbed could be on extension of the Feature catalogue/concept dictionary.

Re3gistry & INSPIRE registry testing and open issues

Testing feedback and possible extension of testing period

Michael reported that there was very little feedback until now for the testing of the new software and service release candidates. Everyone is invited to still participate, and the testing will be extended until 13 February.

Multi-valued custom attributes

Daniele presented the issue of how to encode multi-valued attributes. All are invited to discuss this question, which is documented in issue #2317.

ISO 19135-1 vs. bespoke XML

Daniele presented the question on how to deal with two alternative XML encodings (the Re3gistry's bespoke and ISO 19135-1 XML). This question is document in issue #2320. All are invited to comment.

Norbert felt it would be good to keep both XML formats. Martin suggested we should track the usage of particular format during this year to ensure that we do support the formats for which there is real demand.

[Action A6.4] Magnus to investigate if we can share ISO/DIS 19135-1 with the group.


Michael reported that the INSPIRE/GWF conference workshop has been accepted as a joint workshop with the proposed workshop on validation - which does not really fit.

[Action A6.5] Michael to discuss with conference organisers and report back.

To do until the next meeting

  • Work on use cases (lead: Christian)
  • Work on testbed set-up (lead: Michael and Jeremy)
  • Review ToC of Technical Guidelines (all)
  • Review registry federation study (all)



20150123_INSPIRE-Register-Federation-proposed_testbed.pptx - Proposal testbed set-up (103 KB) Michael Lutz, 02 Feb 2015 07:09 pm