7th MIWP-6 sub-group meeting

Thursday, 3 September 2015, 15:00 - 16:30 CEST

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15:00-15:10 Welcome and approval of the agenda (Michael Lutz)

15:10-15:20 Minutes of the previous meeting (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)

  • review of open action items

15:20-16:00 RoR information model & architecture

  • Overview of background documents (Daniele Francioli)
  • Feedback and discussion

16:00-16:15 Planning of next steps

  1. Call for participation in the testbed
  2. Implementation of "find extensions" use case
    • Implement RoR database (JRC)
    • Insert registries/registers in the RoR (JRC)
    • Test queries for extensions (all)
  3. Implementation of "find content" use case
    • Implement indexing
    • ...
  4. Implement common exchange format for accessing register data

16:15-16:30 AOB



Alejandra Sánchez (ES), Andreas von Dömming (DE), Anders Foureaux (SE), Willem van Gemert (OP), Jesus Barrera (ES), Clément Jaquemet (FR), Christian Ansorge (EEA), Michael Noren (EEA), Daniele Francioli (JRC), Emanuela Epure (JRC), Michael Lutz (JRC)

Welcome and approval of the agenda

No comments on the agenda.

Minutes of the previous meeting and report from informal meeting at the INSPIRE/GWF conference

The minutes of the previous virtual meeting were approved as currently on the wiki.

On action A6.8, Anders reported that he presented the use case at the INSPIRE conference (see attached slides: 2015-05-26_INSPIRE_Conference_Data_Management_SE.pdf).

On action A6.9, the EEA indicated they would like to particiapte with data dictionary in the testbed. To be discussed when planning the testbed.

The following actions are still open:

  • A6.9: EEA to check internally if they can contribute with a test instance of Data Dictionary
  • A6.10: JRC to investigate whether we can set up a test environemt with different tools (Re3gistry, UK-LDReg, EEA data dict tool, others?)
  • A6.12: JRC to update the Architecture scenarios section on the wiki according to the slides
  • A6.13: JRC to discuss possible testbed example data with participants
  • A6.15: JRC to implement RoR prototype for search use case
  • A6.16: EEA to propose common exchange format for extensions
  • A6.17: JRC to impelement RoR prototype for extension use case

Architecture scenarios, testbed set-up and next steps

Daniele presented the RoR - Technical description and RoR - Information model.

Main points from the discussion:

  • The "light-weight" exchange format to be used for indexing should include information on the register item id (URI) and at least a label.
  • A6.18: JRC to update the glossary
    • replace "element" with "item" in defintion of "subset"
    • add definitions for "item" and "element"
    • add a figure illustrating "extension", "subset" and "profile"
  • The RoR's API will be useful for machine-to-machine interaction, e.g. for validation use case or for finding existing extensions of (INSPIRE) code lists, while the GUI will be for direct access  by users.
    • The testbed should focus on the GUI in the first instance.
    • REST+JSON is a good starting point for the API
  • Work on the exchange format(s) is needed. EEA will make a proposal based on SKOS ConceptSchemes (see action A6.16)
  • Will information on the relations between registers be stored only in the RoR or also/mainly in the federated registers?


2015-05-26_INSPIRE_Conference_Data_Management_SE.pdf (2.07 MB) Michael Lutz, 13 Sep 2015 12:44 pm