Re3gistry Software

A tool to manage and share 'reference codes'

When is this solution for you?

When you need to manage and share reference codes.


Reference codes can be used in data exchange between applications to uniquely reference some ‘thing’. They can be used to define sets of permissible values for a data field or to provide a reference or context for the data being exchanged. Examples are enumerations, controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri or, simply, ‘lists of things’.


With the Re3gistry you can provide a central access point that allows labels and descriptions for reference codes to be easily looked-up by humans or retrieved by machines.


Furthermore, it supports organisations in managing and updating reference codes in a consistent way, so that reference codes do not change or simply disappear over time, but all versions of a code remain traceable and properly documented.

What can we offer you?

By using reference codes within the Re3gistry you can:

  • avoid common errors such as entering synonyms or spelling mistakes when filling in online forms
  • facilitate internationalisation of user interfaces by providing multilingual labels
  • ensure semantic interoperability when exchanging data between systems and applications
  • they gain value when widely re-used and referenced

Our solution at a glance

Re3gistry leaflet


Video illustrating the use and features of the Re3gistry


Try out the Re3gistry sandbox

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Download the Re3gistry on Joinup.


Read the quick installation guide and Re3gistry documentation.

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More detailed information

Visit the Re3gistry page on Joinup or the Re3gistry documentation.

Who is already using this solution?

INSPIRE registry service


Slovakian registry


Republic of North Macedonia


GeoSmartCity registry


SEMIC Core Vocabularies registry


SEMIC EU Budget Vocabulary


ELISE Energy Pilot registry


Austrian (CCCA) registry


Italian (AgID) registry


France (BRGN) registry


National Land Survey of Finland


Key facts and figures

The Re3gistry software, the underlying system behind the INSPIRE registry service, is currently handling 10 registries with more than 7000 reference codes in 23 languages and served in 7 different formats.

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