3 Sweden - Environmental Protection Agency

Figure 2 - Use case scenario - Source:Quality Control Service for INSPIRE Data, Presentation INSPIRE Conference 2014


3.1 Validation Service for environmental data

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency developed a quality control service for Inspire data for environmental data.

The purpose was:

  1. Speed up the flow of data from collection to presentation and usage of data.
  2. Check the data quality against agreed quality standards and quality measures.
  3. Create metadata "on-the-fly" for performed quality control.
  4. Gather all the requirements for data quality into a Data Product Specification.
  5. Save time so that the contracted experts can use their time to more advanced analyses of data instead of correcting incomplete data files.
  6. To the extent possible, use the same OGC - and ISO standards for environmental data, as the INSPIRE community uses for Geodata.

According the current understanding the Validation Service for environmental data requires three important registry to validate incoming data files against:

  1. a Swedish clone of Data Dictionary + EEA's Data Dictionary
  2. a Swedish clone of Registry + JRC Registry
  3. a Swedish Registry Station, designed in accordance with INSPIRE specifications, namespaces, etc.