Work plan

The following overall approach for the workplan was agreed.

Proposed Timing

Task Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
TG v1                        
Use cases                        
Testbed set-up                        
Testbed v1                        
TG v2                        
Testbed v2                         
TG v3                        


It was agreed to propose a workshop for the INSPIRE/GWF conference (in addition to a short presentation in the MIG-T session presenting the status of the active MIWP actions). This workshop would ensure feedback from the INSPIRE community, but also other participants outside of the INSPIRE community. The workshop could present the testbed set up, but could also be used to give participants some hands-on experience with existing tools like the UK LD registry and the Re3gistry implementations.

All participants were asked to indicate how they would like to contribute to the work of the sub-group. See ta

Role Facilitation Participation
Sub-group coordination Michael Lutz EEA (Christian et al.)
Use cases Christian Ansorge Wolfgang Tinkl, Anders Foureaux, EEA, Martin Tuchyna, Norbert Pfaffinger, Tõnis Kärdi, Marcus Walther, JRC

Register federation / interoperability testbed

Jeremy Tandy/JRC (TBD)

Set-up: Jeremy Tandy, JRC


Participation: EEA, Norbert Pfaffinger, Martin Tuchyna, Andreas von Dömming, Tõnis Kärdi, Jeremy Tandy, Clément Jaquemet, Marcus Walther, Esa Tiainen (?), Alejandra Sánchez, Christine Laaboudie, Willem van Gemert

Technical guidance Editor (TBD)

Contribute: EEA, Wolfgang Tinkl, Norbert Pfaffinger, Martin Tuchyna, Andreas von Dömming, Esa Tiainen, Jeremy Tandy, Florian Esser, Jesus Barrera


Review: Wolfgang Tinkl, Norbert Pfaffinger (if needed), Clément Jaquemet, Alejandra Sánchez

INSPIRE registry & Re3gistry development & testing JRC registry team Martin Tuchyna, Jeremy Tandy (?)

Working methods

There will be a web meeting once per month intially. A doodle will be set up for the meetings. If a preferred date emerges, we may move to a regular slot.

A physical meeting is not planned at the moment, but those members of the sub-group attending the INSPIRE conference could meet up for an informal meeting there.

The work (including the Technical Guidelines) will be documented using the wiki and issue tracker of the MIG collaboration platform. Please register at to get write access.