From 11 May 2015 to 09 Jun 2015

08 Jun 2015

05:05 pm Task #2220: MIWP-8 (L) Unique Resource Identifier:

The MD Guidelines have always indicated the use of MD_Identifier if the Unique Resource Identifier of the dataset con...

Angelo Quaglia

22 May 2015

08:26 am Bug #2325: Interoperability Metadata - Topological Consistency

just a quick answer based on Eliane's mail without having thought this to the end:

We still have the proble...

Peter Kochmann

20 May 2015

03:42 pm Bug #2434: TG Metadata, chapters 2.6.2 - 2.6.4: Number of ISO-element date is incorrect

I think that the solution is 362, since Data type is correctly given (393).

Antonio Rotundo

19 May 2015

07:09 am Document: Alternative solution for Chapter 2.2.6 in draft 0.2

This document contains an alternative solution for implemetation of Chapter 2.2.6 Coupled Resourses.
It was created ...

Michael Östling
07:06 am TG_MD_IR_and_ISO_MIWP8_draft_v.02_maintained_PK_MS_updateOn_2.2.6.doc

Michael Östling

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