From 24 May 2015 to 22 Jun 2015

22 Jun 2015

08:00 pm Task #2455 (New): How to document used schema version in dataset metadata?

Investiagte how to document in a data set's metadata, which schema version is used by the data set.

If this is...

Michael Lutz

16 Jun 2015

06:38 pm Document: Technical Guidelines Metadata draft 0.3

This version was made available 2015-06-16

For information/comments on this draft please check following page

Michael Östling
06:38 pm TG_MD_IR_and_ISO_MIWP8_draft_v.03.doc

Technical Guidelines Metadata draft 0.3

Michael Östling

15 Jun 2015

10:25 am [Lisbon] Resource coupling.pptx

Presentation on resource coupling in Lisbon

Kristian Senkler

08 Jun 2015

05:05 pm Task #2220: MIWP-8 (L) Unique Resource Identifier:

The MD Guidelines have always indicated the use of MD_Identifier if the Unique Resource Identifier of the dataset con...

Angelo Quaglia

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