From 22 Jul 2015 to 20 Aug 2015

17 Aug 2015

11:01 am Meeting #2482 (Closed): Agenda Suggestions for Malmoe-meeting

Below are suggestions for Agenda for the two-day Meeting in Malmoe Sept 1st and 2nd.
Please comment on these and add...

Michael Östling

11 Aug 2015

01:16 pm Support #2459: Using references to a code list in <gmd:organizationName>

As Peter showed, we are studying in MIWP-8  the use of Anchor for "access and use" elements and the In...

Marc Leobet

02 Aug 2015

08:28 pm MIWP-8_Update_TG_Metadata_draft_V0.4_ReadingGuidelines.docx

Draft reading guidelines v 0.4

Michael Östling

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