From 24 Sep 2015 to 23 Oct 2015

20 Oct 2015

02:53 pm TG_MD_IR_and_ISO_MIWP8_draft_v.055_2015-10-19.doc

The same again with modification notes. Sorry for loosing them!

Peter Kochmann

19 Oct 2015

03:56 pm TG_MD_IR_and_ISO_MIWP8_draft_v.055_2015-10-19.doc

containing Ine's work on SDS (2.14) and Antonio's new wording of 2.9

Peter Kochmann

16 Oct 2015

12:40 pm Improvement #2519 (New): invocation metadata for harmonised services

In the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1089/2010 of 23 November 2010 Implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European P...

Ine de Visser

25 Sep 2015

11:38 am TG_MD_IR_and_ISO_MIWP8_draft_v.05_PK_2015-09-25.doc

editorial maintenance in 2.13 concerning reference to new separate document

Peter Kochmann
11:37 am Details on theme-specific metadata in addition to ISO mapping in Technical Guidelines_2015-09-25.doc

first draft of separate document for theme-specific issues

Peter Kochmann

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