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2871NormalRemaining open issues in MD TG 2.0rc4Michael Lutz31 Mar 2017 04:02 pm

There are still 5 open issues in the document:

  1. How to use unique identifiers to refer to specifications?
  2. How to use unique identifiers to refer to controlled vocabularies?
  3. Allowing the use of RS_Identifier for the unique resource identifier?
  4. How to specify the coordinate reference system for data sets with an indirect spatial reference (e.g. statistical data)?
  5. How to provide more detailed information on the service type?

These will be discussed in a MIWP-8 web-conference between 21-25 November.

Please provide your feedback and preferred options on these issues as comments to this issue

2708NormalFeedback on draft Metadata TG v2.0 - structure & conformance classes 1 and 3 (metadata for discovery)Michael Lutz29 Mar 2016 09:46 am

Please find attached a draft (release candidate 1) for the Metadata TG version 2.0.

This draft includes the complete structure of the proposed version 2.0 of the TG document. In addition, chapters 2, 3 and 5 (covering conformance classes 1 and 3 for metadata for discovery) are ready for MIWP-8 review.

The text on yellow background contains drafting notes not intended to be left in the final version, but potentially useful for reviewers.

Please provide feedback on

  • the structure of the TG document and approach for wording TG requirements (based on requirements in the IR) by 7 March
  • conformance classes 1 and 3 by 14 March noon

using the attached commenting table (or directly as comments to this issue).


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