MIWP-8 virtual meeting 2015-11-24
14:00 - 15.30 CET


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Release of the update Technical Guidelines Metadata  
- status and background information

Schedule for the TG Metadata document

  • Final work for MIWP-8 to make final corrections to make the final draft-document: Nov 20th
  • Contracted editor works through draft and creates a Final Draft: mid-January
  • Document is sent for comments to MIG-T: end-January   

Requirements have been analyzed and rewritten

Work done by Michael L, Peter, Ine and Antonio
The result is documented in a google spreadsheet and will be merged by editor
into the final draft.

Contracted editor

  • The final draft will be created by a contacted editor. that will.

consolidate the requirements needed to reflect IR requirements,
i.e. add/remove requirements (based on the IR-to-TG analysis available in

edit the sections where technical changes have been agreed by the MIWP-8 sub-group
(see attached draft version 0.55 with tracked changes - section 2.13 will probably be moved out of the document)


implement other cross-cutting changes throughout the document that have been agreed by the MIWP-8 sub-group, in particular

replace "services" with "Invocable spatial data services" or "Network services"

edit an introductory section on use of Anchor / xlink:href and for what use each of them is useful (based on a draft from the MIWP-8 group)

Review all sections where Anchor/xlink:href is recommended and make sure correct implementation is selected based on the needs

Draft three overview tables showing the MD elements/requirements for data sets (series), network services and spatial data services

Update the tests in the ATS reflecting the new list of requirements


Relation between TG SDS and TG metadata

How are these documents kept updated.
Do we manage complete metadata sections in each of the documents.


Open issues on current draft


Issues from Release B

Issues planned for release B of the TG Metadata.

We will not Publish a Release B
Below are suggestions for handling these issues.


MIWP-8 (A) Conditions applying to access and use
This is already included in Release A

MIWP-8 (C) Harmonized restrictions/licenses 

This is still to do. 

There is a group within MIG, MIWP 17 that should work on  "Data and service sharing & licensing models "

It is suggested that the work MIWP-8 (C) Harmonized restrictions/licenses  is done in conjunction with work in MIWP-17. It may not lead to an update of TG Metadata.

MIWP-8 (E-2) Integrate Theme specific metadata

This is already done in group.

NOTE BY PETER: (E-2) hasn't been done by now! It's an old mistake to have the topic of (E-1) with (E-2) as well! (E-2) concerns data quality issues coming from ISO 19157. This should be done in compliance with (F).

MIWP-8 (F) Relation to ISO19115-1:2014

This is a investigation that should lead to a roadmap for INSPIRE TG Metadata.
It does not have to be published into the TG Metadata document.

MIWP-8 (G) Conformance classes in registry

This work can be seen as partly started where we in current TG Metadata extend the use of gmx:Anchor and 
xlink:href to refer to external resources. The task was originally  to unify the way qualityreports for conformance reports was written between 
the technical Guideines for data (Data specfications) and the TG Metadata. We shall see if we can included these exampes during work in November.

MIWP-8 (H) Metadata for monitoring

This is mainly to give support to the workgroup MIWP-16: Improve usefulness and reliability of monitoring information that was created in parallel with MIWP-8
There are no real tasks for MIWP-8 left as far as we see it.

MIWP-8 (K) Add Abstract Test suite

This is mainly to give support to the workgroup MIWP-5: Validation and conformity testing where the Abstract Test Suite have been written. 
There are no direct tasks for MIWP-8 regarding. ATSs 
Some of the already written ATSs will be updated by Contracted editor based on changes in requirements.