MIWP-8 (A) Conditions applying to access and use

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Conditions applying to access and use is now implemented in a way not in line with EN ISO 19115:2005. The task is to see what actions can be taken to handle this. Can the TG be updated to handle better alignment with EN ISO 19115:2005 and in the same time not giving to much problems for existing metadata records. The implication if not doing this is that Inspire MD is not compatible with other ISO19115 implementations. The task is to give suggestion on possible update on how to handle this. The task is related to Issue C


Marc Leobet (Lead)
Geraldine Nolf
Vincent Bombaerts
Lars-Inge Arnevik
Rado Chudy
Martin Seiler
James Reid
Michael Östling
Lucie Kondrova


NOTE - GEOSS Core is currently reviewing its profile for inclusion of Conditions on use and it may be usful to harmonise INSPIRE and GEOSS consistenly as possible. What they propose is  here:



Issue analysis

What problems causes current solution ?

IR Part B 8.1: "Restrictions on the access and use of a resource or metadata" is supposed to be provided in identificationInfo[1]/*/resourceConstraints/*/useLimitation, according to TG p. 54. However ISO 19115 defines useLimitation as "limitation affecting the fitness for use of the resource or metadata. Example, “not to be used for navigation”". The proper field to use here would be useConstraints which is definded as "constraints applied to assure the protection of privacy or intellectual property, and any special restrictions or limitations or warnings on using the resource or metadata". However, the domain of useConstraints is a codelist (MD_RestrictionCode), allowing on of (copyright, patent, patentPending, trademark, license, intellectualPropertyRights, restricted, otherRestrictions).

The main problem is that the metadata IR demand that "The value domain of this metadata element is free text. The element must have values. If no conditions apply to the access and use of the resource, ‘no conditions apply’ shall be used. If conditions are unknown, ‘conditions unknown’ shall be used."

What can be a solution on current problem ?

  • useLimitation is a meaningful element that should be used according to the ISO 19115 standard.
  • Conditions appying to access and use could be annotated in a useConstraint/otherConstraint combination (see example)

Geraldine (BE) says: I am currently working on a solution in our GeoNetwork branch, where we can "suggest" all possible licences. When somebody chooses one licence, all the elements within the constraint information schould be filled in by default settings, as I described in the document below, the wat we implemented INSPIRE on top of ISO in our Flanders region. 

As soon as I can give examples and tell jouw the solution can work in GeoNetwork, I will update my information below. 

•How does it relate to IR ?


How will the solution affect existing tools ?


•How will the solution affect existing metadata ?


What other issues in MIWG-8 is related to this change ?


What other groups within MIG-related workgroups could be linked to this issue ?


How_we_solved_the_Constraint_information_in_Flanders.docx - This document to show how we solved the constraint information, in our Best Practice Guidance for Flanders (82.8 KB) Geraldine Nolf, 03 Dec 2014 01:19 pm

Paper for access and use wiki MIWP-8.doc - The document hold FR answers to these questions. See https://ies-svn.jrc.ec.europa.eu/issues/2212 for discussion. (17.5 KB) Marc Leobet, 06 Jan 2015 04:33 pm

UK-UseConstraintsEncoding.doc - For reference, the UK encoding for conditions on access and use (13.5 KB) James Reid, 07 Jan 2015 04:20 pm