MIWP-8 (F) Relation to ISO19115-1 2014

Ticket: https://ies-svn.jrc.ec.europa.eu/issues/2217


What problems causes current solution ?

Current technical guidelines for metadata is based on ISO 19115 and its XML-schema in ISO 19139

A new version of ISO 19115 have been published by ISO. This is named ISO 19115-1.

The XML schema for ISO 19115-1 will be published as ISO 19115-3

The ISO 19115 contained information on how to report quality and the qualityreports defined in ISO 19115 is also implemented in ISO 19139.
Additional information on quality did also exist in ISO 19113 and ISO 19114

In ISO 19115-1 the quality section is moved to ISO 19157. So qualityreports are not  part of ISO 19115-1 any longer.
All? relevant quality-information from ISO 19113, ISO 19114 and ISO 19115 is now moved to ISO 19157

Thë XML-schema for the quality reports in ISO 19157 is defined in the standard ISO19157-3


So we have two sets of standards
ISO 19115 and ISO 19139

ISO 19115-1 and ISO 19115-3
ISO 19157    and ISO 19157-3

We are not sure they are possible to mix as it is now done with TG Metadata ( based on ISO 19115) and e.g Dataspecification Protected sites V 3.2 is partly based on ISO 191157.


I think our short term goal is not to implement ISO19115-1 and ISO 191157 within Inspire.
But we should:
A Be able to describe a roadplan for how Inspire plans to handle the coming standards ISO 19115-1 and ISO 19157
B In the short term describe how the quality reports now implementing ISO 191 57 in DS should be handled
C Maybe give advice to countries that now are on their way to implement ISO 19115-1. 
   (Or can we just say that it is up to each country to transform their metadata into ISO 19115 before publishing to Inspire Geoportal)


The reason for the references to ISO 19157 have been included into the dataspecifications are
that mainly data-modelling- and dataquality-specailists have been involved in the work of writing the data specifications.

From their perspective the new ISO 191157 should solve a number of issues related to reporting dataquality.
There was also an expection that these standards (ISO19115-3 and ISO 19157-3) should have been completed buy now.

What can be a solution on current problem ?


We need to be able to handle existing requeriments on metadata that exists in data specifications but only using ISO 19115/ ISO 19139.
For most elements this will be possible but Descriptive quality-reports can be a problem.
There are some sugegstions in the tickets for Metadata data for interoperability.

We then must work on a roadplan for future implementations of ISO 19115-1 and ISO 19157.

Should we in the future base TG Metadata on ISO 19115-1 or do we even have handle two TG Metadata in parallell ?

•How does it relate to IR ?


How will the solution affect existing tools ?


•How will the solution affect existing metadata ?


What other issues in MIWG-8 is related to this change ?


What other groups within MIG-related workgroups could be linked to this issue ?