MIWP-8 (I) Language neutral identifiers

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Clarify where texts in metadata is only an identifier using English text like Topic Category Codes (e.g. health) or Spatial Data Service type (e.g. view) or where they should actually be translated to the metadata language (e.g. values for UseLimitation )
This is not clearly documented in TG metadata right now.


Marc Leobet
Javier Nogueras
Andrea Perego
Michael Östling  (Leader)

Issue analysis

What problems causes current solution ?

In Technical guidelines for Metadata the element
2.9.2 Conditions applying to access and use 
Describes the condition for how values should be entered when there are no conditions.
That is specified in

TG Requirement 33

If no conditions apply to the access and use of the resource, ‘no
conditions apply’ shall be used. If conditions are unknown, ‘conditions
unknown’ shall be used

The same condition is also mentioned in Technical guidance for view services version 3.11 as

Implementation requirement 24.

This metadata element shall be mapped to
the <wms:Fees> element of the capabilities. If no conditions apply to the access and use of the
resource, "no conditions apply" shall be used. If conditions are unknown "conditions unknown" shall be


In national translations of Implementation rules these values are translated.
It is though not fully clear in Technical guidelines that these values should be translated to same language as Metadata language is defined as.

There is also a problem querying the catalogue for all records where eg "no conditions apply" since there exist no codelist for this and it it will be the translation engine that


It is not possible currently to query Inspire Geoportal for all datasets with "no conditions apply"
Since each national translation to English can differ.
Eg the Finnish value for this is translated to 

No restrictions.

And the Swedish values are translated to 

No applicable conditions


Testing the registry

A proof of concepts have been done importing codelistvalues to a new Codelist named UseLimitation.
Only two values have been imported

These do now exist (for test) in two languages Swedish and English.

The URL to the code list is

To reference a specific code value yu can use


To actually use this in metadata we could either write as today (with no Anchor element)

                no conditions apply

or with an anchor for metadata in English

                <gmx:Anchor xlink:href="http://inspire-regadmin.jrc.ec.europa.eu/service-sandbox/metadata-codelist/UseLimitation/noConditionsApply">no conditions apply</gmx:Anchor>

or the same for a metadatarecord in any language (eg Swedish)

                <gmx:Anchor xlink:href="http://inspire-regadmin.jrc.ec.europa.eu/service-sandbox/metadata-codelist/UseLimitation/noConditionsApply">inga tillämpliga villkor</gmx:Anchor>


Opinions ?

Should we add this as an recommendation ?
Portals will work the same as today, but will be able to filter on specific conditions in a easier way.



How does it relate to IR ?

What can be a solution on current problem ?

Add a clarification that the values describing the above condtitions should be translated into the language of metadata.
They are not identifiers.

We will as a start add a new codelist in a registry sandbox with values for
the metadata element 2.9.2 Conditions applying to access and use 

The defined values for the 
no conditions apply
conditions unknown
could be inserted as a multlingual code list in the inspire registry.

We should then check though the rest of elements in TG Metadata if there are other freetext elements 
(eg. 2.9.1 Limitations on public access) that should also have their own multilingual code list in registry.

We should also verify if these codelists are enough for supporting implementations in:

  • Metadata editors
  • Validation tools
  • Geoportals (Inspire Geoportal)


How will the solution affect existing tools ?

If any implementer have used the english terms only they have to make changes.

How will the solution affect existing metadata ?

If the solution is only to clearify that the texts for this element should be in metadata language no  changes is needed in metadata.

Also if we decide to handle these predefined texts in a code list. It should not affetct
the contents of metadata but aid mainly in machine readable queries.

What other issues in MIWG-8 is related to this change ?

This is related to
MIWP-8 (A) Conditions applying to access and use
MIWP-8 (C) Harmonized restrictions/licenses

What other groups within MIG-related workgroups could be linked to this issue ?

MIWP-5 Validation and conformity testing
This group may come up with a validation tests in new ATS that could influence this ticket

MIWP-17: Data and service sharing & licencing models

This Subgroup is not active right now and should not have any impact on this issue.




Geraldine Nolf (Flanders - Belgium): Now you have 2 options to implement: Only translate in your language in the application to make metadata; but save in the XML the terms in English. Or translate both in the application and XML in your own language; effect ==> EU has to allow this.