MIWP-8 13th virtual meeting 2015-07-02

Connection details


Reading guidelines

An outline for the document is placed in documents section here .
Discussion on what is needed to make the document complete.

Schedule for sending draft TG Metadata and Reading guidelines for review to MIG-t

Who can participate in finalizing the document ?

The Reading Guidelines and the draft itself should be sent for review to MIG-t members on July 15th.

Draft document

What is left to write in document to be able to send the draft for comments within MIG-t
We mainly want feedback on the strategic changes done in document.
I suggest that editorial checks should be done in next phase.

The more urgent sections on SDS may be made available earlier.


Suggestion from MIWP-5 to change the requirements paragraphs

To be able to write ATS for testing the TG the existing requirements
must be rewritten.
It must for each TG requirements be clear if the requirement:

- Comes from the IR

- Is an addition because of interoperability reasons or based on requirements from ISO 19115.

Other requirements which are not one of the above should become a recommendation or a Note.


Physical Meeting in Malmoe Sept 1st and 2nd.

Dates: From 10.00 CET,  Tuesday September 1st
                To 17.00 CET,  Wednesday September 2nd
Meeting venue and suggested hotel:  Hotel Clarion Collection Temperance in Malmoe Sweden
Closest Airport is Copenhagen Airport 


  • Review of feedback from memberstates
  • Editing of final version of draft.
  • Strategic discussion on how TG Metadata should  move forward towards ISO 19115-1