MIWP-8 8th virtual meeting 2015-03-19 - 14.00-15.30 CET

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Status on Metadata for Spatial data Service

  • We are still in a phase where we shall make a descision on what alternative to
    choose. A document is created that  shall be sent to member-states. Status of document
  • Element category for Spatial Data Service
    We have one main Option and three possible alternatives:
    A Extend Service type
       The problem with this is that Invocable, Interoperable and Harmonized is really other dimensions
        than what is normally reported in this element. They are a ortogonal to the Servicetype.
    B Add Invocable, Interoperable and Harmonized as three levels of conformance reports for the service.
      The Conformance reports will map to a ATS in TG Metadata that describes the three levels (categories)
    C Add Invocable, Interoperable and Harmonized as Keywords
    D Add a new element Category which wil be an extention to ISO19119. with values Invocable, Interoperable and Harmonized


Merged draft document

A draft document with updated contents are
created. Discussion on how we shall handle comments on this document.
How can we get updates from remaining tickets into this?


Status on on-going work on Issues 

What is left on on-going tickets before we can
insert texts into draft document ?
Especially how can we present the section for
MIWP-8 (E-1) Integrate Theme specific metadata

and what can be updated in TG for:
MIWP-8 (A) Conditions applying to access and use


Meeting at Inspire-conference