MIWP-8 Kick-off virtual meeting 2014-11-17


•Group members
•Planned work-program
•Project-Procedures, use of Redmine
•Principles for making updates
•Coming meetings
•Assignment of tasks to members of group
14:00-15:00 meeting
15:00-15:10 short break
15:10-16:30 meeting



Please comment in these if you see missing discussion-points that have been lost.


All members made a short presentation of their affiliation and background.



The two main releases where presented and the reason for splitting the outcome from this work into two reports.

•June 20th 2015

•First draft end of February
•Final draft 10th May

•December 20th 2015

•First draft end of September
•Final draft mid November



The total list of issues was presented on general level. The issues have been split on two releases depending on priority.
Issues that have relations have been tried to pu need some  additional discussions how to handle the two releases.

This could lead to changes in priorities. The overall goal are though to follow the release-dates specifed.

Issues in Release A June 20th 2015

Issues in Release B December 20th 2015

Types of issues

The issues defined in term of reference are of a mixed character.

Some could generates completely new elements in TG like Metadata for SDS. Other could change how current elements are used today.
Martin pointed to that we should not underestimate the complexity in carry out changes for already existing elements.

In case of disagreement

Then we will redirect issue to the MIG-t group for decision with suggest of alternative solutions.

Ticket assigment

•To make work practical suggestion is to assign  a smaller group (3-6 persons) to each ticket to come up with a initial draft for solution. Members in group can select the issue(s) they would like contribute to. 
•One in each group will be responsible for the progress and take the lead for work.
•The initial draft will thereafter be open for all to comment and review. 


•Web-meetings twice a month
•1st and 3rd week every month at 14.00 CET, normally Thursdays.

Upcomings meetings:
Thursday dec 4th at 14:00
Friday dec 19th at 14:00
•Possible a physical meeting in connection to the Inspire conference in May.

Use of Redmine

•Register to get access to write !
•Wiki shuold be used to describe current solution(s)
•Related tickets for discussions on the specific solutions
•Attached files should be added as documents to Redmine (word documents) or files (eg zip-files with xml or schema-files)
•Initial work will be done using WIKI
When work has matured into actual results we should update into copies of the Technical Guidelines document.

Wiki – current status of work


How to handle new issues

New issues identified during the work can not be directly accepted.
In case high-prio issues is found they could be added for coming releases but theyhave to accepted by MIG-t first.
When adding new proposed work as tickets set Issue type: “Improvement” and set in title the prefix “Proposed work



Initial analysis of issues

Each issue should be described by initial short analysis of some aspects. These aspects will assist us in defining the work to do and how it relates to other areas.

•What problems causes current solution ?
•What can be a solution on current problem ?
•How does it relate to IR ?
•How will the solution affect existing tools ?
•How will the solution affect existing metadata ?
•What other issues in MIWG-8 is related to this change ?
•What other groups within MIG-related workgroups could be linked to this issue ?

Issues in Terms of Reference

We made a short walkthrough of each issue. All members indicated what issues they would like to get involved in work with.

Below are the initial assignments for work. Members will also be updated on wiki since the groups will be extended  since some could not make it for the kick-off meeting.
we still lack leaders for some groups.


Next steps

•Responsible task-leader for each issue should be identified
•Initial analysis and suggestions for possible solutions done before next meeting, Dec 4th