From 01 Jul 2014 to 30 Jul 2014

30 Jul 2014

06:31 pm Task #2164: Procedure for selecting persons to participate in temporary sub-groups

As discussed, please find a draft for a ToR document for MIG temporary sub-groups attached. Comments and suggestions ...

Michael Lutz
10:23 am MIWP-Action #2132 (Work in progress): MIWP-10: Update Annex I data specifications

Status 2014-09-04:

The updated Annex I data specifications were published on the INSPIRE web site on 17/4/2014. T...

Michael Lutz
09:41 am MIWP-Action #2192 (Closed): MIWP-21: Pilots for INSPIRE-based applications (including for e-repor...


Spatial data required for management of the environmental acquis are in most cases leading to reporti...

Michael Lutz

29 Jul 2014

06:34 pm MIWP-Action #2135 (Closed): MIWP-13: Theme specific issues on data specifications

MIWP-13 has been merged with MIWP-14.

Michael Lutz

25 Jul 2014

01:18 pm Discussion #2170: Could we use "INSPIRE Metadata for Dummies, the French guidelines for metadata ...

Hi Marc,

I'm sorry but I am not able to open the attached doc-file. Could you please provide a pdf-version of the ...

Daniela Hogrebe

08 Jul 2014

02:36 pm Task #2165: Set up sub-group for controlled vocabularies in INSPIRE (MIWP-19)

There are no issues that I have identified.

Alex Ramage
02:21 pm Task #2161: Set up sub-group for download services for observation data

Some small amendments in the Task list. I agree with Daniela that the timescale is extremely tight and we might want...

Alex Ramage

07 Jul 2014

03:09 pm MIWP-Action #2142 (Assigned): MIWP-20: Improved guidelines for harmonised layer names

Michael Lutz

04 Jul 2014

11:12 am Discussion #2170 (Submitted): Could we use "INSPIRE Metadata for Dummies, the French guidelines f...

Dear colleagues,

We have talked, during the 3rd physical meeting in Aalborg, to create a "Good/best practices (...

Marc Leobet

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