From 13 Aug 2015 to 11 Sep 2015

11 Sep 2015

04:52 pm Task #2377: Draft document on SDS interpretation


Thank you for all the work that you have put into this paper. 

We have noted that there are so...

Alex Ramage

27 Aug 2015

09:51 pm Task #2487 (Closed): Draft MIWP action proposal for updating the INSPIRE reporting template

The template for the 3-yearly INSPIRE reporting should be reviewed and, if necessary, modified for the 2016 reporting...

Michael Lutz
09:48 pm Task #2486 (Closed): Propose SDS TG update to include the content of the SDS discussion paper

It has been agreed that the content of the SDS discussion paper (#2377) should be integrated into the SDS TGs. It was...

Michael Lutz
08:18 am MIWP-Action #2130: MIWP-8: Update of Metadata TG

Progress since the last meeting:

There is now a draft 0.4 available
A Reading guideline have been produced&nb...

Michael Östling

26 Aug 2015

07:49 pm Task #2377: Draft document on SDS interpretation

V0.7.1 of the SDS dicuscussion paper (attached) has been submitted to the MIG-T for discussion at the virtual meeting...

Michael Lutz
07:46 pm Task #2456 (Resolved): Seek clarification from DG ENV on the requirements for Invoke Services

A clarification of the requirements for Invoke NS is now proposed in the SDS discussion paper (v0.7.1) and under scru...

Michael Lutz
07:37 pm MIWP-Action #2128: MIWP-6: Registries and registers

Progress since the last meeting:

work on specifications for "register of registers" and testbed se...

Michael Lutz
07:35 pm MIWP-Action #2419: MIWP-18a: Annex I xml schema updates

Progress since the last meeting

Feedback from MIG-T on roadmap/deadlines for schema compliance is on-go...

Michael Lutz
07:17 pm MIWP-Action #2440: MIWP-7b: Extension of Download Service Technical Guidelines for Web Coverage S...

Progress since the last meeting

A first virtual meeting Aug 12 with a low participation (holiday season). It was d...

Jari Reini
02:52 pm Meeting #2454: Proposals for discussion topics for MIG-T meetings

Dear all,


The EEA project noticed some misalignments in the extensibility of the code lists in INSP...

Darja Lihteneger

25 Aug 2015

04:53 pm MIWP-Action #2192: MIWP-21: Pilots for INSPIRE-based applications (including for e-reporting)

Progress since the last meeting:

      No further comments received to the new versi...

Vanda Nunes de Lima
09:27 am Meeting #2454: Proposals for discussion topics for MIG-T meetings

At the moment INSPIRE Thematic Cluster #3 has identified, discussed and consolidated the following two proposals...

Jordi Escriu

21 Aug 2015

10:12 am Task #2373: Collect best practices and guidelines on PIDs


NVDB Teknisk lösning - ID-hantering och transaktioner


Christina Wasström

13 Aug 2015

06:27 pm Task #2378: Propose good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation

Thank you Benoît,


We are currently in the process of moving the reference platform prototype onto ...

Robin S. Smith
04:29 pm Task #2475: Collect INSPIRE schema extensions and best practices



URL of schema


Anja Hopfstock
11:24 am 20140114_Slides_MIG_AnnexISchemaUpdates.pptx

Presentation on XML schema updates in the MIG tele-/web-conference #2 (14/01/2014)

Michael Lutz

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