From 20 Feb 2016 to 20 Mar 2016

11 Mar 2016

10:41 am Task #2707: Analysis of access control to INSPIRE services

The MIG-T has requested some details from the analysis. The background to this work is already published on the ISA P...

Robin S. Smith

09 Mar 2016

09:57 am Task #2428: Document xml schema updates

Is there any documentation about the detailed changes of the schemas (v3.x vs. v4.0) available? It would be very usef...

Daniela Hogrebe

08 Mar 2016

02:03 pm Task #2475: Collect INSPIRE schema extensions and best practices


Geographic information - Water Systems - Rules for national applications and for...

Christina Wasström

01 Mar 2016

12:29 pm MIWP-Action #2440: MIWP-7b: Extension of Download Service Technical Guidelines for Web Coverage S...

Progress since the last meeting

Version 0.8 of updated Technical Guidelines for dowload services ([[wcs-downloa...

Michael Lutz

27 Feb 2016

11:49 am Task #2707 (Work in progress): Analysis of access control to INSPIRE services

Placeholder for discussions around the analysis of access control to INSPIRE services currently carried out by PwC fo...

Michael Lutz

25 Feb 2016

10:18 am Task #2361 (Closed): Open discussion issue on size of GML files

Proposed to include in new GML activity (27th MIG-T meeting).

Michael Lutz
10:17 am Task #2288 (Closed): MIWP 4a: Set up sub-group on Persistent Identifiers (PID)

Closed as agreed in the 27th MIG-T meeting. No immediate need for a sub-group at this point.

Michael Lutz

22 Feb 2016

10:58 am MIWP-Action #2401: MIWP-7a: Extension of Download Service TG for observation data

Progress since the last meeting:

A) Consultancies in support of the sub-groupare progressing in accordance with wo...

Alexander Kotsev

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