From 27 Jun 2016 to 26 Jul 2016

26 Jul 2016

12:02 pm MIWP-Action #2130: MIWP-8: Update of Metadata TG

Progress since the last meeting:

Draft resolutions for most comments submitted during the the MIG-T review...

Michael Lutz
11:55 am MIWP-Action #2128: MIWP-6: Registries and registers

Progress since the last meeting

Draft Best Practices & TG document for MIWP-6-internal review
Work starte...

Michael Lutz
11:09 am MIWP-Action #2401: MIWP-7a: Extension of Download Service TG for observation data

Progress since the last meeting:

Comments on the two technical guidance documents, subject to work of the sub-g...

Alexander Kotsev

07 Jul 2016

09:11 am Consultation #2753: Updated TG for Metadata (v2.0rc2)

Yes, I was also a bit surprise to see that many of the requests for clarifications indicated that we had comment on a...

Lars Storgaard

06 Jul 2016

05:30 pm Consultation #2753: Updated TG for Metadata (v2.0rc2)

Thanks, Lars. Which version of the document were you commenting on? Some of the references in your comments suggest t...

Michael Lutz

05 Jul 2016

01:45 pm Consultation #2753: Updated TG for Metadata (v2.0rc2)

Dear MIWP-8

Thank you for the resolutions to our comments. We have provided clarifications in the "NON-E...

Lars Storgaard

29 Jun 2016

10:04 am Task #2475: Collect INSPIRE schema extensions and best practices

Yes, it can be closed. But we should leave here a future contact point to whom to report extensions. For the time it ...

Christian Ansorge

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