From 02 Nov 2016 to 01 Dec 2016

24 Nov 2016

03:16 pm Task #2877 (Work in progress): Inform about INSPIRE-relevant standardisation activities

This issue aims at collecting and discussing about any standardisation activities and open voting procedures that may...

Michael Lutz
09:50 am MIWP-Action #2130: MIWP-8: Update of Metadata TG

Progress since the last meeting:

Final comment resolution workshop on 21/11/2016 to resolve 5 remaining open is...

Michael Lutz

05 Nov 2016

03:43 pm Consultation #2753: Updated TG for Metadata (v2.0rc2)

Dear all,

I'm pleased (not to say, relieved) to upload an updated version of the MD TG v2.0 (release candidate...

Michael Lutz

03 Nov 2016

02:20 pm Consultation #2853: Draft Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries

From the UK

Dear Michael,

Please find attached the UK response and comments in respect of the Draft Technical...

Michael Lutz

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