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Toggle_check # Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Author Tracker
2749NewNormalAdditional media types used for spatial data setsMichael Lutz08 Apr 2016 08:21 amDaniela HogrebeFeature
2707Work in progressNormalAnalysis of access control to INSPIRE servicesRobin S. Smith06 Apr 2016 03:16 pmMichael LutzTask
2981Work in progressNormalCollect approaches for identifying open data (and other categories of data) in national discovery servicesRobert Tomas09 Jun 2017 04:06 pmMichael LutzTask
2373NewNormalCollect best practices and guidelines on PIDsChristian Ansorge02 Dec 2015 09:31 amMichael LutzTask
2396NewNormalCommunication within INSPIREChristian Ansorge25 Mar 2015 05:31 pmChristian AnsorgeDiscussion
2910OpenNormalControl body for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federationMichael Lutz28 Sep 2018 02:21 pmMichael LutzCall for participation
2170SubmittedNormalCould we use "INSPIRE Metadata for Dummies, the French guidelines for metadata are in English" as a basis for good practices?Marc Leobet10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmMarc LeobetDiscussion
2368NewNormalDraft a mapping from Network services IRs (download, view, transformation) to TJSMichel Grothe16 Mar 2015 03:55 pmMichael LutzTask
2365NewNormalDraft release plan for update of download services TGsAlexander Kotsev16 Mar 2015 03:49 pmMichael LutzTask
2698NewNormalElaborate INSPIRE architecture / domain modelJoeri Robbrecht18 Feb 2016 10:56 amMichael LutzTask
2371Work in progressNormalFeedback on proposed ARE3NA activities on AAA (access control)Robin S. Smith26 Nov 2015 10:00 amMichael LutzTask
2162FeedbackNormalHow to deal with corrigenda to TGsMichael Lutz10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmMichael LutzDiscussion
2877Work in progressNormalInform about INSPIRE-relevant standardisation activitiesMichael Lutz24 Nov 2016 03:16 pmMichael LutzTask
2696NewNormalInform MIG-T about updated Geonetwork version supporting additional INSPIRE metadata elementsMarkus Jobst24 Aug 2017 09:49 amMichael LutzTask
2385Work in progressNormalINSPIRE data sets and services for a pan-European gazetteer (for the European ODP)Michael Lutz22 Jan 2016 10:17 amMichael LutzTask
2204SubmittedHighMetadata - Strategic decision on the use of 19115 (current ISO standard) and 19115-1Michael Lutz10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmAlex RamageBug
2133Under elaborationNormalMIWP-11: Simplification and clarification of GML encoding for spatial data10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmLorena Hernandez QuirosMIWP-Action
2134Under elaborationNormalMIWP-12: Clarification of UML-to-GML encoding rules10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmLorena Hernandez QuirosMIWP-Action
2418OpenNormalMIWP-14 Temporary sub-group on Thematic Clusters Robert Tomas26 Jan 2017 02:24 pmRobert TomasCall for participation
2137ProposedNormalMIWP-15: Overview of INSPIRE coordinating structures, architectures and toolsMichael Lutz10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmLorena Hernandez QuirosMIWP-Action
2139ProposedNormalMIWP-17: Data and service sharing & licencing modelsDarja Lihteneger10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmLorena Hernandez QuirosMIWP-Action
2419Work in progressNormalMIWP-18a: Annex I xml schema updatesMichael Lutz28 Jul 2016 02:09 pmMichael LutzMIWP-Action
2420ProposedNormalMIWP-18b XML schema maintenanceMichael Lutz27 Apr 2015 06:07 pmMichael LutzMIWP-Action
2141ProposedNormalMIWP-19 Explore and improvement on the situation of controlled vocabularies in the framework of INSPIREChristian Ansorge10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmLorena Hernandez QuirosMIWP-Action
2115ProposedNormalMIWP-1: Improve accessibility and readability of TGMichael Lutz10 Dec 2014 01:29 pmMichael LutzMIWP-Action

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