MIG-T - Overview

This project contains information about the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T), whose tasks are to discuss and provide advice on the technical aspects of INSPIRE maintenance and implementation, including the preparation and regular update of the rolling work programme for INSPIRE maintenance and implementation (MIWP).

Status reports of on-going MIWP actions are available here.

MIG-T Meetings 

  • Proposed discussion topics for future MIG-T meetings: #2454


MIG-T activities

National implementation webinars

Webinar series on the implementation of INSPIRE in different countries. The webinars focus on national coordination, challenges for implementation and success stories and opportunities.

Implementation examples

Collection of examples of "end-to-end" INSPIRE implementations, including data sharing, metadata, network services and data harmonisation. 

Extension examples

Collection of examples and guidelines for INSPIRE extensions (e.g. in EU-funded projects or at national level).

Examples of APIs for INSPIRE data

Collection of examples of APIs for INSPIRE data that can be used by (mainstream IT) developers to provide value-added applications (e.g. routing, gazetteers, points of interest, etc.).

NSDI architecture documents

Collection of NSDI architecture/reference documents that can be used in the ARE3NA Reference Platform to define typical INSPIRE implementation workflows based on real examples. 

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