10th meeting of the MIG technical sub-group

Thursday, 28th of August 2014, 9:30 – 11:00 CEST

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Call for agenda items and presentations: #2169

  1. Welcome and approval of the agenda (Michael Lutz)
    [9:30 – 9:40]
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)
    [9:40 – 9:45]
  3. Comments on draft MIWP received from MIG-P (Michael Lutz)
    [9:45 – 10:10]
  4. Status update ToR & sub-groups
    • Proposed common template #2164 (Michael Lutz)
    • Metadata TG (MIWP-8) #2202 (Michael Östling) - for discussion and endorsement
    • MIWP-5 #2127 (Carlo Cippoloni, Daniela Hogrebe) - for discussion and endorsement
    • Registry & registers #2123 (Michael Lutz) - for discussion and endorsement
    • SOS #2161 (Michael Lutz) - for discussion and endorsement
    • Vocabularies #2165 (Christian Ansorge) - for discussion and endorsement (??)
  5. Possible workshop on WCS-based download services (and related issues, such as encodings for coverages) in mid-October (Michael Lutz, Alex Kotsev)
  6. Presentation series giving an overview about national INSPIRE implementations (Michael Lutz)
  7. AOB
    • Annex I xml schema updates (Michael Lutz)
    • Release of release candidates of INSPIRE registry & v0.4 Re3gistry software (Michael Lutz)
    • Review of ARE3NA RDF+PIDs and AAA deliverables (Robin Smith)
    • Call for thematic cluster facilitators (Robert Tomas)
    • Face-to-face meeting - organisation & call for agenda items (Alex Coley, Alex Ramage, Michael Lutz)
    • JRC-OGC collaboration - status update (Michael Lutz)

FINAL Minutes


The minutes are based on the notes taken in the web-conference chat window by the scribe as well as comments made by participants in the chat.

Where “+1” is used in the minutes, this is to indicate support for the position of the previous speaker.

Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are summarised in the table below. This table includes also open actions from previous meetings (including actions 41a-41k from the April 2014 Arona meeting, whose actions were not previously carried over).

No. Action Redmine issue Responsible Due Done
4 Propose working methods, procedures and tools EC 2013-11-30
23 Propose members for a sub-group on XML schema maintenance MIG representatives 2014-02-07
26 Share relevant events with the group all continuous
40 Investigate whether JRC can transfer collected detailed issues to Redmine JRC 2014-03-28
41a Modify the ToR to clarify that the MIG consists of 2 permanent sub-groups DG ENV 2014-04-14 x
41b Set-up sub-group of MIWP 7 Extension of Download Service TG for observation JRC 2014-05-15 x
41c Publish the Redmine Tutorial on the wiki JRC 2014-04-24
41d Open an issue on Redmine on ensuring that all metadata that should be harvested are actually harvested, to discuss if anything needs to be changed or added to the current harvesting procedure. JRC 2014-04-30
41e Send around instructions on the configuration of the harvesting and how to access the harvesting reports. JRC 2014-04-30 x
41f Inform JRC if they are willing to be contacted by the contractor (PwC) on this topic MIG representatives 2014-04-30 x
41g Draft a new task MIWP-21 for following pilot activities JRC 2014-04-17 x
41h Draft a proposal for updating MIWP-14 to include the current MIWP-13 JRC 2014-04-17 x
41i Draft ToR and launch a call for participation/nominations for a temporary sub-group for MIWP-8 #2202 Sweden (Michael Oestling) 2014-05-15 x
41j Send suggestions of good examples of web sites to Karen All 2014-05-30
41k Set up a communication sub-group JRC 2014-05-30
42 Investigate how openly accessible issue trackers can be made available (in Redmine?) for consulations and open discussions #2163 JRC 2014-06-30
44 Send the ELF list of issues to the MIG / register them in the MIG issue tracker Christina (SE) 2014-06-15
49 Share the engineering report with the MIG-T OGC 2014-07-31
53 Propose agenda topics for face-to-face meeting #2167 all 2014-09-26
54 Provide comments on ToR for MIG sub-groups all 2014-09-05
55 Incorporate comments received for all ToR and launch call for experts Task leaders 2014-09-12
56 Distribute a draft agenda and ask for nominations of experts to attend the WCS workshop #2205 JRC 2014-09-02 x
57 Inform MIG representatives when the OGC wiki page on INSPIRE goes live JRC when available
58 Discuss and propose how to align the "Monitoring and Reporting" ToR to the new template EEA 2014-09-15
59 Propose a structure in Redmine for collecting good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation Alex Ramage and Michael Lutz 2014-09-15
60 Propose good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation all continuous


The agenda of this meeting was approved with one change, proposed by Alex Ramage (UK) for a discussion on the identification and sharing of best practices on implementations of INSPIRE in different MS.

Previous minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were adopted (as on the wiki), following a small modification requested by Poland.

Draft MIWP received from MIG-P

Michael (JRC) informed the MIG representatives that feedback has been received from only a limited number of countries (FR, DE, DK, CZ, FI, AT). In accordance with the feedback five out of six of the countries endorsed the MIWP together with the comments they provided on it. Michael (JRC) shared some of the comments received by the 6 countries. Validation, registers, access control and metadata were among the issues which are desired by the six countries, which is a positive fact, as parts of the ongoing MIWP activities already address those issues. The overall feedback from MS is positive. Czech and Finnish comments raised the issues of resources, which brings an important point on the shared responsibility between the Commission and MS. This should be discussed during the meetings to come.

Issues associated with the complexity in INSPIRE (both in terms of GML, and generally), raised from France were discussed next. It was agreed that the Commission and France will continue their discussion on the way ahead for France to be able to endorse the WP before the MIG-P meeting on 15 September.

[Action] Michael recommended that all MS, through their MIG-P representatives, should provide feedback on the MIWP, even if they have no comments or objections (i.e. endorse the MIWP without comments).

Emilio López (Spain) commented that Spain is in agreement with the MIWP. Christina Wasström (SE) committed to also providing feedback. Jari Reini (FI) added that comments from FI might be provided by September 3.

[Action] Also, JRC and all task leaders should update the MIWP issues in the collaboration space to clarify the current status for each of the proposed activities. including the relationships of the MIG activities with other programs.

M. Tuchyna (SK) raised the question on how to make sure that there is preparation before the vote, so that there are no different results of it. Michael reacted that the discussion at the meeting should be prepared as good as possible and all discussion issues should be raised, in order not to have surprises at the meeting.

Status update on ToR for MIG sub-groups

A template for ToR for MIG sub-groups (#2164), developed by JRC and already commented by France (Marc), was presented. The overall new structure attempts to provide a more formal way of providing TOR for sub-groups. Chris Ansorge (EEA) raised the question in the chat on how the new template affects TOR which are already proposed? Michael responded that the only one which will be affected is the "Monitoring and Reporting", and that there are two options (1) keep it as-is, and (2) transform to the new format. Chris (EEA) commented that as long as the ToR are not endorsed they should be aligned with the new template. [Action] Chris and Paul (EEA) to discuss on how to map the content of the "Monitoring and Reporting" ToR to the new structure.

Presentations of each of the ToR followed:

A decision was made after reviewing all ToR that MIG representatives provide additional comments by 05 September [Action]. The ToR will be considered endorsed if the received comments are taken into account. The coordinators of the relevant activities can then ask for nominations from the MIG and/or applications from the pool of experts for the different subgroups. [Action]

Workshop on WCS-based download services

Alexander Kotsev (JRC) provided information to the participants on a workshop, planned for 14 and 15 October 2014, aiming to bring together experts in the field of coverage data and WCS. The objective of the meeting would be to present recent work of JRC on a preliminary mapping between WCS specifications and legally binding requirements of INSPIRE, as well as discuss the way ahead for WCS to possibly become an INSPIRE download service. [Action] JRC to distribute a draft agenda and ask for nominations of experts to attend the workshop.

Presentation series on national INSPIRE implementations

Michael (JRC) proposed an approach for sharing good practices on INSPIRE implementations through the establishment of regular presentation series (ex. including 2 presentations) giving overview of national developments which can have implication on other countries/sectors. MIG representatives agreed that this would be useful and would be in favour of such an approach for sharing good practices.


  • Annex I xml schema updates. A page in the GML project in Redmine is available, describing in detail what is been done and what the proposal is for updates. MIG representatives are advised to share the news with GML experts in their countries for feedback and identification of the best way forward. A testing instance of the schema repository is available where the new proposals are published (different than the live repository). It would be good if MIG representatives can test and provide feedback whether the proposed changes work well with the tools which are in place.
  • Review of ARE3NA deliverables
  • Call for thematic cluster facilitators. Robert Tomas reminded the MIG representatives that a call has been launched on 22 August for thematic cluster facilitators. The deadline for responses to the call is 19 September 2014. Facilitators will be chosen based on their experience in the field, ideally, as someone who has been involved in developing the relevant INSPIRE data specifications for one or more of the INSPIRE themes. A more detailed discussion on that will take place during the meeting in London.
  • JRC-OGC collaboration. Michael (JRC) announced recent development on the collaboration between JRC and OGC. The OGC will be establishing a public wiki page, dedicated to the provision of information on INSPIRE-related issues. The target audience of that wiki page would be the European OGC members. JRC will inform MIG representatives once the wiki is live. [Action]
  • Organisation of face-to-face meeting. Alex Ramage (UK) informed the MIG that the preparation of the London meeting is advancing smoothly.
  • Good practices. Alex Ramage (UK) raised the issue that UK would be very much interested in obtaining information on good practices in the establishment of INSPIRE network services. Michael (JRC) commented on a relevant development of the Are3na project which is launching a study to collect content dispersed across different MS and projects, including best practices, demos, etc. on how INSPIRE is implemented and used across sectors & borders. Those examples should be provided through Redmine. [Action] Alex and Michael to propose a structure in Redmine for collecting such good practices.