12th meeting of the MIG technical sub-group

Thursday, 30th of October 2014, 10:00-11:30 CET

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Call for agenda items and presentations: #2235

  1. Welcome and approval of the agenda (Michael Lutz)
    [10:00 – 10:10]
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)
    [10:10 - 10:30]
    • review of action items
  3. Annex I schema updates / GML (Michael Lutz)
    [10:30 - 10:45]
    • Proposed way forward for Annex I schema updates
    • Proposed ToR for a MIG sub-group on GML
  4. Status updates on open calls for participation
    • MIWP-5 (Carlo Cipolloni)
    • Selection of experts for NS+MD validation workshop (Michael Lutz)
    • MIWP-8 (Michael Lutz, on behalf of Michael Östling)
    • MIWP-6 (Michael Lutz)
    • MIWP-7a (Michael Lutz, Alexander Kotsev)
  5. Initial changes in Redmine (Michael Lutz)
    [11:00 - 11:10]
  6. Status MIWP-14 / Kick-off meeting of the thematic cluster facilitators (Robert Tomas)
    [11:00 - 11:15]
  7. Feedback from WCS workshop (Michael Lutz, Alexander Kotsev)
    [11:15 - 11:20]
  8. AOB
    [11:20 - 11:30]
    • next physical meeting
    • Examples of WFS 2.0 Direct download services
    • Last JRC-OGC call
    • MIG-P

FINAL Minutes


The minutes are based on the notes taken in the web-conference chat window by the scribe as well as comments made by participants in the chat.

Where “+1” is used in the minutes, this is to indicate support for the position of the previous speaker.


Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are summarised in the table below. This table includes also open actions from previous meetings (up until action 90). During the agenda point on the "Minutes of the previous meeting" it has been decided to close a number of old outstanding issues, which are no longer relevant or have been superseded by newer, more specific actions.

No. Action Link Responsible Due Closed
4 Propose working methods, procedures and tools EC 2013-11-30 x
23 Propose members for a sub-group on XML schema maintenance MIG representatives 2014-02-07 x
26 Share relevant events with the group all continuous
40 Investigate whether JRC can transfer collected detailed issues to Redmine JRC 2014-03-28 x
41c Publish the Redmine Tutorial on the wiki JRC 2014-04-24 x
41d Open an issue on Redmine on ensuring that all metadata that should be harvested are actually harvested, to discuss if anything needs to be changed or added to the current harvesting procedure. JRC 2014-04-30
41j Send suggestions of good examples of web sites to Karen #2244 All 2014-05-30
41k Set up a communication sub-group JRC 2014-05-30 x
42 Investigate how openly accessible issue trackers can be made available (in Redmine?) for consulations and open discussions #2163 JRC 2014-06-30
44 Send the ELF list of issues to the MIG / register them in the MIG issue tracker Christina (SE) and Natalie (BE) 2014-06-15 x
49 Share the engineering report with the MIG-T OGC 2014-07-31
57 Inform MIG representatives when the OGC wiki page on INSPIRE goes live JRC when available
59 Propose a structure in Redmine for collecting good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation Template Alex Ramage and Michael Lutz 2014-09-15 x
60 Propose good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation all continuous
61 Include a section in the MIWP on the standard tasks of the MIG-T and MIG-P, including the sharing of good practices #2245 JRC next MIWP version
63 Develop a proposal for simplifying Redmine and Redmine MIG instructions #2231 JRC & EEA 2014-11-15
65 Investigate whether a mailing list archive can be set up Michael 2014-10-20 x
66 Prepare an overview of possible communication topics, audiences, channels and plans EEA 2014-11-15
67 Update MIG flowchart in the ToR to reflect distinction of issues and actions JRC 2014-10-31
68 Describe process for setting up MIG temporary sub-groups in some sort of guidance JRC 2014-11-15
70 Develop instructions on how to use Redmine specifically for the work of the MIG and present these in a (recorded) web-conference #2231 JRC & EEA 2014-11-30
71 Make suggestions for improvement or specific questions on how to do certain MIG tasks with Redmine #2231 all 2014-10-31
72 Update the MIG ToR to allow also MIG members to participate in sub-groups Michael 2014-10-31
75 Indicate possible dependencies with other actions in the MIWP-8 ToR/work plan Michael Ö 2014-10-31
76 Organise a seminar on national INSPIRE implementation JRC, ES, SE 2014-11-15 x
77 Send around more details on the format and the selection procedure for the INSPIRE Conference/GWF 2015 #2242 JRC 2014-10-15
83 Organise a call for sample Annex I datasets that have already been implemented with the old schemas #2250 JRC 2014-10-20 x
84 Organise a call/webinar to discuss the open issues on Annex I schemas http://doodle.com/mwe3sdnbpvd4pwzv JRC 2014-10-20 x
85 Propose ToR for a subgroup around GML Michael 2014-10-20
86 Make available TG code list values in an Excel table wiki page JRC 2014-10-20 x
87 Provide translations of TG code list values wiki page all 2014-10-20
88 Draft an update of the action description for MIWP-4a (and if appropriate the ToR for a sub-group) EEA & Emilio (ES) 2014-10-31 x
89 Share ARE3NA deliverables on Best practices on RDF and PIDs JRC 2014-10-15
90 Share DK and NO Enterprise Architect models DK model Heidi, Arvid 2014-10-31
91 Draft ToR for MIWP-14 sub-group Robert 2014-11-28
92 Send out minutes of cluster facilitators kick-off meeting Robert 2014-11-07 x
93 Send MIG-P minutes and updated MIWP to the MIG-T for information Michael 2014-11-07 x

Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved as proposed.

Minutes of the previous meeting

There were no further comments on the draft minutes.

Michael went through the current list of open issue issues and proposed to close a number of outstanding issues, which are no longer relevant or have been superseded by newer, more specific actions - see updated action list.

Michael asked for input for the open issues #2231, #2245 and #2245.

Michael asked whether this kind of regular action monitoring is useful. Michel Grothe (NL) and Marc Leobet (FR) supported this. Robert (JRC) was wondering whether we are not getting too heavy on the administration and work too little on the actual problems. He suggested that we simplify the administrative issues. Marc Leobet (FR) found that MS asked for monitoring actions, so an overview table seems good. Michael said that we need to have a way to monitor MIWP actions in the work programme (including sub-groups) but also to keep track of the more administrative actions that we have as a MIG-T. If there are suggestions for lighter ways, we are interested to hear and change. Marc Leobet (FR) suggested that subgroups could be less monitored. Michael expects that over time, now that the sub-groups are starting their work. we can discuss less on organisational things and focus more on content/technical issues.

Nathalie suggested to classify the tasks, e.g. according to the MIWP tasks and administrative tasks, to make it easier to get an overview. She also noted that since most actions are on JRC & EEA, the MS representatives may not feel so involved. She found it hard to track progress in Redmine and to understand to which MIWP action certain things refer.

Marc Leobet (FR) suggested to send out the status of the action items the day before, it would be possible to save time in the web meeting.

Michael again asked to make these and further suggestions on how we could manage our internal processes more efficiently (with the current tools) in #2231.

Annex I schema updates / GML

Proposed way forward for Annex I schema updates

Michael reported about a discussion with Anja Hopfstock (WP leader in ELF for data modelling and now also facilitator for the thematic cluster on topographic data themes) on ELF's support / involvement in the schema update process. According to Anja, data sets for the themes AD, AU, PS, CP, GN, TN-A have been implemented in accordance with INSPIRE. There have also been tests with the draft updated schemas for AD, AU,CP, GN. Countries that have been involved in this exercise are CZ, PL, ES, NO, SE, FI, FR.

It was agreed with her to organise a call with Heidi Vanparys, Kent Jonsrud and Anja Hopfstock (and Roy Mellum?) to discuss their feedback on the proposed schema updates. Furthermore, Anja will forward the planned call for example data already implemented using current Annex I schemas to the ELF consortium.

For the Annex I schema updates, Michael proposed the following way forward and timing to ensure stronger involvement of the MIG-T (or nominated GML experts) for testing the updated schemas:
  • Call for example data implemented using current schemas [31 Oct]
  • Extend the testing phase [until 30 Nov]
  • Organise a webinar/conference call with GML experts to discuss the open issues regarding the approach taken [10-14 Nov]
  • Official vote for endorsement of the updated schemas [5 Dec]

Marc Leobet (FR) asked who will be voting on the schemas. This question was not further discussed in the meeting.

Emilio asked whether the call for example data sets would be different from the recent call about WFS 2.0 examples. Michael clarified that these are two different calls, since the WFS download services not necessarily provide INSPIRE-compliant data. So if the WFSs do provide INSPIRE-compliant Annex I data, we would appreciate if they are mentioned again in the call for example data.

Carlo Cipolloni (IT) mentioned that the extended testing should also take into account some open issues that have been raised related to imports of Annex I schemas in the Annex II and III schemas, which leads to a namespace conflict. Michael confirmed that this is a known problem and will be taken into account.

Proposed ToR for a MIG sub-group on GML

Michael presented a proposal for a number of tasks to be included in the description of the MIWP-18b and the corresponding ToR for a GML sub-group. This topic has been raised since February and discussed more concretely in the GML workshop in May.

In the discussion of the MIWP with the MIG-P, it was decided to separate the Annex I schema updates (MIWP-18a) from any other GML issues, including XML schema maintenance (now: MIWP-18b). So these other GML-related issues and related activities need to be proposed to the MIG-P for inclusion in the WP. The proposed tasks for this action/sub-group are:
  • Develop repository and guidance for schema structure simplification (flattening) rules
  • To encourage better support by vendors, document which sub-sets of GML/XSD are actually being used in INSPIRE
  • Develop a schema maintenance procedure
  • Ad-hoc support for GML-related questions from thematic communities

Several participants suggested to wait for feedback on specific problems and/or needs for flattened schemas from the thematic clusters. Also the clusters could provide best practice solutions.

Michael clarified that the simplification task is not about removing attributes or objects from the schemas but about simplifying the XML structure to improve tool support.

Emilio raised concerns that all proposed tasks are important, and that the flattening task alone may be quite heavy. Robert Tomas (JRC) +1. Michael suggested that part of the work could be supported by a contractor or a study, but that we should also look at possible input from on-going projects (e.g. ELF) or MS (e.g. the work in DK presented at the London meeting).

Marc Leobet (FR) suggested that starting from thematic communities could help to cut this topic into smaller parts.

Paul Hasenohr (EEA) raised concerns about the timeline. If there is work on new, flattened, schemas, there is a risk that implementers will not start with the implementation but wait for these new schemas to be developed. Michael noted that flattening of schemas is already being discussed, e.g. in ELF. We should be aware of this and take it into account.

Michael also cautioned that the sub-group should not only address the flattening issue, but also act as an advisory group for questions around GML and XML schema maintenance. There are many such questions around GML and XML schemas that are usually sent to JRC. A sub-group could be a way to share the load of addressing these issues. The group should also address more strategic questions such as the one raised by Paul.

Several participants stressed that it would be important to also get vendors involved in this group.

Michael concluded from the discussion that the topic is important. JRC will write up a proposal for an MIWP action and sub-group ToR, which will then be circulated for comments.

Status updates on open calls for participation

MIWP-5 & Selection of experts for NS+MD validation workshop

Carlo reported that for the MIWP-5 sub-group there are currently 29 applications and that the call will be closed on 31/10. It is planned to organise the members into sub-activities on service, metadata and data validation.

Michael reported that the 5 experts and 1 facilitator to be involved in the work around a MD+NS validation workshop have been selected by JRC after discussion with Carlo. All 11 nominated experts will be invited to the workshop, which will take place in the 1st half of December. All participants will also be encouraged to participate in the sub-group, but if someone cannot participate for time constraints, this should be acceptable. Carlo will send out a doodle to find a suitable date for the virtual kick-off meeting.


Michael reported that also the MIWP-8 sub-group has more than 25 nominees and applicants. Michael Östling is concerned that the group is getting too big and has suggested to also structure it into smaller teams according to the issues to be addressed. Web-conferences are proposed every second week. The kick-off will take place on 17/11 from 14:00-16:30 CET.

MIWP-6 & MIWP-7a

Michael reported that the calls for participation have been launched. For MIWP-6, the previous nominations have been considered. Some of these, however, still need to be confirmed.

Initial changes in Redmine

This topic was not discussed for lack of time. All MIG-T members are invited again to use issue #2231 to make suggestions on how to improve the MIG-T Redmine instance and to raise questions about procedures that should be (better) explained.

Status MIWP-14 / Kick-off meeting of the thematic cluster facilitators

Robert reported about the successful kick-off meeting of the thematic cluster facilitators on 13-14 October. At the meeting, the tasks were clarified and the facilitators presented the networks they were planning to use for their work. The contracts are currently being finalised and the online platforms will be available to the facilitators to start providing content from 5 November. The official launch of the platform is planned for 24 November.

Robert thanked those MIG-T members who volunteered as liaisons for the clusters. A MIG sub-group will be set up to aid connections between clusters and the MIG for MIWP-14. This is open also for the MIG-T liaisons. The ToR should be ready for the end of November. [Action]

The next telcon is on 10 November. The MIG liaisons are welcome to participate.

The cluster meeting minutes are with the facilitators for their comments. Next week they can be shared with the MIG. [Action]

Feedback from WCS workshop

The agenda, presentations and minutes are available on Redmine.

The workshop illustrated that the WCS could be used as an alternative download service with basic functionality, but that there are a great number of opportunities for value-added applications if a WCS is used (rather than an Atom feed) for sharing coverage data. Therefore, it has been decided to propose MIWP-7b to be included as an additional topic in the MIWP.


  • The next physical meeting will take place on 11-12 March in Madrid. Robert said that we will try to co-locate the cluster facilitator meeting with the MIG-T, so that there can be joined discussions.
  • Michael reminded the participants about the open call for examples of WFS 2.0 Direct download services (#2236)
  • Michael reported from the last regular JRC-OGC call.
    • A EuropeForum mailing list has been set up as a communication channel for European requirements and issues (including from the MIG) to OGC.
    • Discussions have started on the possibility to organise a plugfest at the INSPIRE conference
  • Michael reported that the minutes from the MIG-P meeting and the updated MIWP with the 9 endorsed actions have been sent out. [Action] Michael to send both to the MIG-T for information.
    • It is proposed to have an ad-hoc drafting group of volunteers for the criteria for describing MIWP actions and for updating the current MIF governance procedure/workflow.
    • Michael confirmed that the updated MIWP can be circulated to stakeholders and that the online version of the MIWP has already been updated.
  • Next virtual meeting: 27 November, 10:00-11:30 CET