14th meeting of the MIG technical sub-group

Thursday, 18th of December 2014, 10:00-11:30 CET

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Call for agenda items and presentations: #2293

  1. Welcome and approval of the agenda (Michael Lutz)
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)
  3. INSPIRE/GWF conference: MIG-T contributions (see #2242)
  4. National implementation webinar (Michael Lutz)
    • feedback on SE+ES presentations
    • volunteers & date for the next webinar
  5. MIWP-4 action description and sub-group ToR (Christian Ansorge) [Slides: 20141218_PID_ToR.pptx]
  6. Status reports
    • MIWP-14 - launch of TC platform (Robert Tomas)
    • MIWP-5 kick-off & NS+DS validation workshop (Carlo Cipolloni, Michael Lutz)
    • MIWP-8 (Michael Oestling)
    • MIWP-6 kick-off (Michael Lutz)
    • MIWP-7a kick-off (Alexander Kotsev)
    • MIWP-16 Dec meeting (Marc Leobet)
  7. Feedback from the MIG-P (Michael Lutz)
  8. AOB

FINAL Minutes


The minutes are based on the notes taken in the web-conference chat window by the scribe as well as comments made by participants in the chat.

Where “+1” is used in the minutes, this is to indicate support for the position of the previous speaker.


Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are summarised in the table below. This table includes also open actions from previous meetings (up until action 98). 

No. Action Link Responsible Due Status
26 Share relevant events with the group   all continuous ongoing
41d Open an issue on Redmine on ensuring that all metadata that should be harvested are actually harvested, to discuss if anything needs to be changed or added to the current harvesting procedure.   JRC 2014-04-30 open
41j Send suggestions of good examples of web sites to Karen #2244 All 2014-05-30 open
42 Investigate how openly accessible issue trackers can be made available (in Redmine?) for consulations and open discussions #2163 JRC 2014-06-30 open
49 Share the engineering report with the MIG-T   OGC 2014-07-31 open
57 Inform MIG representatives when the OGC wiki page on INSPIRE goes live   JRC when available open
60 Propose good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation wiki page all continuous open
61 Include a section in the MIWP on the standard tasks of the MIG-T and MIG-P, including the sharing of good practices #2245 JRC next MIWP version open
63 Develop a proposal for simplifying Redmine and Redmine MIG instructions #2231 JRC & EEA 2014-11-15 open
66 Prepare an overview of possible communication topics, audiences, channels and plans   EEA 2014-11-15 open
67 Update MIG flowchart in the ToR to reflect distinction of issues and actions Workflow_20141218.pdf JRC 2014-10-31 closed
68 Describe process for setting up MIG temporary sub-groups in some sort of guidance   JRC 2014-11-15 open
70 Develop instructions on how to use Redmine specifically for the work of the MIG and present these in a (recorded) web-conference #2231 JRC & EEA 2014-11-30 open
71 Make suggestions for improvement or specific questions on how to do certain MIG tasks with Redmine #2231 all 2014-10-31 open
72 Update the MIG ToR to allow also MIG members to participate in sub-groups   Michael 2014-10-31 open
75 Indicate possible dependencies with other actions in the MIWP-8 ToR/work plan   Michael Ö 2014-10-31 closed?
77 Send around more details on the format and the selection procedure for the INSPIRE Conference/GWF 2015 #2242 JRC 2014-10-15 closed
85 Propose ToR for a subgroup around GML   Michael 2014-10-20 open
87 Provide translations of TG code list values wiki page all 2014-10-20 ongoing
90 Share DK and NO Enterprise Architect models DK model Heidi, Arvid 2014-10-31

closed (DK)

open (NO)

91 Draft ToR for MIWP-14 sub-group   Robert 2014-11-28 open
94 Write up the two options for Annex I schema updates   Michael 2014-12-22 closed
95 Consult stakeholders about two scenarios for Annex I schema updates   all 2015-01-15 ongoing
96 Further elaborate the MIWP-4a action description and sub-group ToR #2292 Christian 2015-01-15 ongoing
97 Describe issue about Service Monitoring of Member State endpoints being consumed by the geoportal in the issue tracker or at the next MIG-T meeting   Alex Ramage 2014-12-15 ongoing
98 Investigate with the UK architecture board whether the UK can take the lead on MIWP-7b   Alex Ramage 2014-12-31 closed

Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved with the additional topic "MIWP-16 Dec meeting (Marc Leobet)" added in point 6.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The current list of open issue issues was reviewed.

It was agreed to keep action 60 (Propose good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation) open. It was clarified that this page is for collecting good practices that should help implementers to get an idea what  a good and complete INSPIRE implementation (incl. MD, NS, data sharing and data interoperability) looks like. Robert pointed out that there is some overlap between this task and what is currently done in the thematic clusters. An idea was suggested to distribute a questionnaire at the INSPIRE conference to gather additional information. All are encouraged to look for good examples in their countries. The WFSs reported in #2236 and the Annex I data sets reported in #2250 could be a starting point.

Robert reported that there was not yet any progress on the ToR for the MIWP-14 sub-group. He is aiming to share these in January (action 94).

Michael reported he did not yet manage write up the two options for Annex I schema updates (action 95). He aims to do this before Christmas. Due to the delay it was agreed to move the deadline for the consultation with national stakeholders about two scenarios for Annex I schema updates (action 96) to mid-January.

Alex Ramage reported that the UK has started drafting an action description and sub-group ToR for action MIWP-7b, which they will share with the MIG-T in January.

There were no further comments on the draft minutes, and they adopted as they currently stand on the wiki.

INSPIRE/GWF conference: MIG-T contributions

The current proposals reported in issue #2242 were presented. The proposal to have 2 sessions covering the active MIG-T tasks was accepted. In addition, there will also be a number of sessions related to the Thematic Clusters, but several options are still being discussed between the facilitators.

Marc suggested to organise a common meeting between MIWP-5 and -8 to talk about cross-issues. Alex Kotsev reported that an Enlargement and Integration workshop is also planned aiming to bring together representatives of non-EU countries.

Martin reported that there are some discussion about a joint WS on INSPIRE & LinkedData between the projects SmartOpenData, SDI4Apps, OpenTransportNet and Foodie.


Michael clarified that the planned MIG-T and MIG sub-group sessions on the Friday will not overlap with any of the conference sessions.

There were no further suggestions for joint MIG-T activities at the conference.

National implementation webinar

Michael reported from the webinar given by Sweden and Spain, which was quite successful (around 25 participants). A page has been set up on the wiki to collect the slides and links to showcases.

Michel Grothe volunteered to present the Dutch experience for the next webinar. It was suggested to also ask Poland for a presentation. Germany, Italy, the UK, Slovakia and France will investigate whether they can present in one of the following webinars in 2015.

Michael underlined the importance of this activity as an example of the "sharing implementation experience" task of the MIG-T and stressed the need for volunteers.

MIWP-4 action description and sub-group ToR

Christian presented the proposed ToR (#2288[Slides: attachment:20141218_PID_ToR.pptx]. Several participants pointed out that the ToR and action description should be more focused and the scope (use cases, concrete problems and outcomes) better defined. Also, the effect of the "do nothing" scenario should be described. It was agreed that the small group drafting the ToR (Christian, Darja, Morten, Markus, Chris, Andrea) should revise the ToR and draft an action description following the new template currently developed by the MIG-P drafting group (see below). [Action PID drafting group]

Status reports

  • MIWP-14: The platform has been launched and already has more than 160 registered users. Robert asked all participants to actively promote the platform. The next telecon of the faciltators will take place on 12/1/2015 14:00-16:00 CET. A physical meeting is planned on 10 March (10:00-18:00) in Madrid, back-to-back with the MIG-T meeting. This meeting will be open also to the MIG-T liaisons to the Thematic Clusters, but no additional daily allowances or hotel nights will be remibursed.
  • MIWP-5: The kick-off meeting took place and the work plan has been further elaborated. See the minutes of the meeting here. Furthermore, on 2-3 December, a workshop on metadata and network services validation took place in Ispra. The work of the experts on specifying ATSs for metadata and network services is progressing. Results are expected in January, and these will feed into the MIWP-5 work.
  • MIWP-8: not presented
  • MIWP-6: The kick-off meeting took place. The main conclusions are a rough work plan focusing on Guidelines and a registry federation testbed. The results of a currently running study on registry federations will feed into the work of the sub-group.
  • MIWP-7a: The kick-off meeting took place. The main conclusions are a rough work plan focusing on use cases and testbeds focusing on implementing INSPIRE extensions to SOS software and setting up INSPIRE-compliant SOS instances. Based on the outcomes, the TGs for download services and D2.9 will be updated.
  • MIWP-16: Marc reported that the last MIWP-16 telecon was largely discussing about validation issues, which is outside the scope of this group. He suggested that all groups regularly revisit their ToR to make sure they are not going off track.

Feedback from the MIG-P

Michael reported about the on-going work of a small MIG-P drafting on an updated MIG workflow (latest proposal: Workflow_20141218.pdf), MIWP action description and a new prioritisation checklist. The proposals will be presented at the MIG-P meeting in January.


There were some questions about the face-to-face meeting in Madrid. The meeting page is already available on the wiki, including logistics information. The official invitations will still be sent out this year. The MIG-T liaisons to the Thematic Clusters who want to attend the facilitators meeting on 10 March should book their flights accordingly.

Workflow_20141218.pdf (297 KB) Michael Lutz, 20 Dec 2014 07:42 pm

20141218_PID_ToR.pptx (310 KB) Michael Lutz, 21 Dec 2014 12:39 pm