18th meeting of the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T)

Thursday, 30th of April 2015, 10:00-11:30 CEST

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Call for agenda items and presentations: #2407

[10:00-10:10] Welcome and approval of the agenda (Michael Lutz)

[10:10-10:20] Minutes of the previous meeting (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)

[10:20-10:30] Progress of active MIWP actions (MIWP action leads)

[10:30-10:45] Spatial data services (Christina Wasström and Michael Östling)

  • SDS document
  • Proposal from MIWP-8 for dealing with additional SDS metadata elements (category and quality of service)

[10:45-11:00] XML schema updates (Michael Lutz) [Slides: 20150430_XML_schema_updates.pptx]

  • status (for information)
  • timeframe for maintenance of the v3.0 schemas (for discussion)

[11:00-11:15] MIWP-14 sub-group ToR (for adoption) (Robert)

[11:15-11:30] AOB

  • Short report from the Nordic INSPIRE conference (?)
  • Planned activities at the INSPIRE/GWF conference
  • Next national implementation webinar (FI+DE), 5 May 13:00-14:30 CEST
  • Upcoming ARE3NA utility survey 

FINAL Minutes


The minutes are based on the notes taken in the web-conference chat window by the scribe as well as comments made by participants in the chat.

Where “+1” is used in the minutes, this is to indicate support for the position of the previous speaker.


Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are tracked in the issue tracker. The currently open issues (including open issues from previous meetings) are summarised in the table below.

# Status Priority Subject Assignee
2428 Work in progress High Document xml schema updates Michael Lutz
2385 Work in progress Normal INSPIRE data sets and services for a pan-European gazetteer (for the European ODP) Michael Lutz
2382 New Normal Provide translations of TG code list values Daniele Francioli
2381 New Normal Propose ToR for a subgroup around GML Michael Lutz
2380 Work in progress Normal Discuss common approach of using Redmine between MIWP actions Michael Lutz
2379 New Normal Include a section in the MIWP on the standard tasks of the MIG-T and MIG-P Michael Lutz
2378 New Normal Propose good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation Robin S. Smith
2377 Work in progress Normal Draft document on SDS interpretation Christina Wasström
2376 New Normal Collect examples of APIs for INSPIRE data Michael Lutz
2375 New Normal Further investigate pan-European gazetteer use case Michael Lutz
2374 New Normal Feedback on proposed ARE3NA activities on RDF / Linked Data Robin S. Smith
2373 New Normal Collect best practices and guidelines on PIDs Christian Ansorge
2372 New Normal Review existing guidelines for PIDs for spatial objects Christian Ansorge
2371 New Normal Feedback on proposed ARE3NA activities on AAA (access control) Robin S. Smith
2370 New Normal Share final report (and other deliverables) from the ARE3NA AAA study Robin S. Smith
2368 New Normal Draft a mapping from Network services IRs (download, view, transformation) to TJS Michel Grothe
2367 New Normal Share the Dutch TJS examples with the Statistics cluster Michel Grothe
2366 New Normal Provide all official monitoring reports for the previous years through the monitoring dashboard Paul Hasenohr
2365 New Normal Draft release plan for update of download services TGs Alexander Kotsev
2364 New Normal Investigate outsourcing of task to collect good practices and make recommendations for extensions (and possibly schema flattening) Michael Lutz
2362 New Normal Collect examples and guidelines of INSPIRE extensions Darja Lihteneger
2361 New Normal Open discussion issue on size of GML files Robert Tomas
2288 New Normal MIWP 4a: Set up sub-group on Persistent Identifiers (PID) Christian Ansorge
2250 Proposed Urgent Sample Annex I data sets Michael Lutz
2244 Proposed Normal Good examples of INSPIRE-related web sites Karen Fullerton
2236 Proposed Urgent Examples of INSPIRE-compliant WFS 2.0 direct download services Freddy Fierens
2165 Work in progress Normal Set up sub-group for controlled vocabularies in INSPIRE (MIWP-19) Christian Ansorge


Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was aproved as proposed.

Minutes of the previous meeting

There were no comments on the draft minutes of the previous meeting. The missing slides should be uploaded.

Most of the actions from the previous meetings are still open and there has not been much/any progress. Michael asked whether the action list is still useful if it is apparently too ambitious. Markus proposed to regularly review the open actions and to close/archive the ones that are no longer relevant. It was agreed to discuss this at the face-to-face meeting in Lisbon.

Progress of active MIWP actions

There were no specific comments or questions on the status reports on the MIWP actions. It was generally felt that these status reports are useful and should be continued. Markus suggested that it would also be helpful to have an overview page on the whole MIWP (progress, activity tracker, proposed end, ...). It was proposed to review the progress made in the MIWP after 1 year (i.e. in autumn 2015).

Jari raised a question on how to interpret "non-votes" for the on-going endoresement vote for the proposed action on WCS-based download services. At the time of the meeting only about 10 countries had answered to the vote.It was agreed that non-votes should be considered as "silent approval", i.e. they should not cause a vote to fail. Michael will check wih the MIG-P, whether there is a need to formalise the voting procedure.

Spatial data services

SDS document

Christina presented the latest version of the SDS discussion paper (v0.4). A number of minor improvements were discussed in the meeting. The attached Spatial_Data_Services_v0.4.1.docx reflects these changes.

It was agreed to send out the document to the MIG-T for comments by 18 May.

It was discussed what to do with the document once finalised by the MIG-T. It was agreed to include the clarifications in the Technical Guidelines for SDS, either in the introduction or in an Annex. It should also be discussed with the MIG-P and the EC (DG ENV), either before or after inclusion in the TG. It will also be useful to share the clarifications with the wider INSPIRE community.

Proposal from MIWP-8 for dealing with additional SDS metadata elements (category and quality of service)

Michael Östling presented a second discussion paper focusing on the specific issues on how to implement the additional metadata elements for SDS category (invocable, interoperable or harmonised) and the quality of service parameters. Two alternative proposals have been made by the MIWP-8 sub-group, which now need a decision from Member States.

It was agreed to send out the document to the MIG-T for a decision by 18 May.

Michael Östling felt it should be discussed whether there is a need for a specific TG for SDS, since most pats are related to metadata. Darja said that the SDS TG should help in building a common understanding of SD and their relation with network services. It is better to have one document at the end, not looking for several to find out the guidelines and additional explanations.

Darja suggested that it would be helpful to add further examples of SDS. Jari stressed that the current examples in the discussion paper need further elaboration and a thorough review before the final version.

XML schema updates

Michael presented the current status and raised a number of open issues related to the XML schema updates [Slides: 20150430_XML_schema_updates.pptx]. The updated schemas were published on 30 May in the INSPIRE schema repository. Some schemas (LC, PS, TN-Rail) are still missing since there are open issues being discussed in the Thematic Clusters.

[Action] It was agreed that the publication should be announced widely to the INSPIRE stakeholder community, including details on why and how the updates were done, what the differences are between the schemas and what data providers need to do to update their data to be compliant with the new schema. It was agreed to set up a dedicated page on the INSPIRE web site for this. The page on the MIG-T collaboration space should be updated as well. [#2428]

Darja stressed the importance of keeping the information on different versions consistent between UML, XML schemas and data specifications. Michael replied that during the update, also the UML repository was updated to make sure the changes are consistent. It was suggested that it should be possible to distinguish between the two versions also in the UML model.

The question was discussed how long the old schemas should still be maintained. The proposal to limit the maintenance to one year (i.e. until April 2016) was accepted. It was proposed to then check how many changes there were to the schemas and decide on potential extending the maitenance period.

Michael clarified that the end of the maintenance period does not affect the "validity" of the old schemas. They can still be used for existing data (however, they should not be used for newly harmonised data).

Arvid and Jari stressed that cascading services are difficult to set up on different versions of data models, therefore we should push countries for following the updates.

MIWP-14 sub-group ToR

Robert presented the terms of reference for the MIWP-14 sub-group (#2353) and the related call for participation (#2418). The ToR were endorsed without further comments.


For lack of time, it was proposed to inform about the AOB topics by e-mail.

20150430_XML_schema_updates.pptx (177 KB) Michael Lutz, 30 Apr 2015 03:19 pm

Spatial_Data_Services_v0.4.1.docx (1.07 MB) Michael Lutz, 06 May 2015 11:32 am