23rd meeting of the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T)

Thursday, 24th of September 2015, 10:00-11:30 CEST

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Call for agenda items and presentations: #2493

[10:00-10:10] Welcome and approval of the agenda (Christian Ansorge)

[10:10-10:20] Minutes of the previous meetings (for discussion and agreement) (Christian Ansorge)

[10:20-10:30] Progress of active MIWP actions (MIWP action leads)

[10:30-10:45] MIWP 8 (Michael Östling/Ine de Visser)

  • Report on call for feedback and outcome 

[10:45-11:00] Collection of topics for face-to-face MIG-T meeting in Rome

  • First brainstorming
  • Preferably content topics rather then procedure discussions

[11:00-11:30] AOB

  • MIG meetings - logistics


Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved as proposed.

Minutes of the previous meeting

Comments made on the following ongoing actions:

2487 - Proposal for updating the INSPIRE reporting template (assigned to Huge de Groof)

  • It was discussed during the last INSPIRE CT meeting and the following roadmap was agreed:
  1. CT members are currently identifying areas which needs improvements and here we expect the main input from the policy side (DG_ENV)
  2. We will inform MS as soon as possible if there will be changes at all
  3. Based on the identified issues we are developing proposals to overcome them or alternative approaches. In this stage we will invite contributors/volunteers from the MIG-T/P
  4. Suggestions shall be endorsed at the Rome meeting (Dec. 15) and from there countries shall have clarity about the changes
  • In the discussions it was pointed out that bilateral discussions concerning the reporting template for 2016 have taken place between some MSs and DG ENV. Furthermore informed Michel Grothe (NL) that Netherlands already started the work on the report for 2016.

2368 - Draft a mapping from Network services IRs (download, view, transformation) to TJS (assigned to Michel Grothe)

  • Michel Grothe (NL): We have set up a draft TJS mapping and I am in discussion with Micheal Lutz  to bring it to the MIG-T.

2361 - Issue with the size of GML files for download (assigned to Robert Tomas)

  • The discussion showed the high interest of the MIG-T in this particular topic. Spain reports that the size of the GML is bigger than the size of the original data base. While it started with the size of GML it quickly changed into a discussion about the issue of flattening the complex structure of the models. It was proposed by Belgium to start with Transport network to test the possibility for flattening/simplifying the model in order to decrease the size of the GML dataset. This discussion shall be done within the Thematic Cluster environment. [Action BE to start and facilitate discussion]

There were no further comments on the minutes of the previous virtual meeting. They were adopted as currently proposed.

Progress of active MIWP actions (MIWP action leads)

It was noted that only MIWP 8 and MIWP 7b leads provided their updates: [Action to all: provide updates on MIWPs ASAP] 

MIWP-5: Validation & conformity:  Carlo Cipolloni (IT)

  • The JRC is putting in place work to create reusable tools to support validation and testing as part of the Work Programme of the ARE3NA ISA Action.MIWP 5 Teleconference will happen in mid of October.

MIWP – 14: Theme specific issues of data specifications & exchange of implementation experiences in thematic domains: Robert (JRC)

  • see: https://ies-svn.jrc.ec.europa.eu/issues/2136#change-6966
  • Darja (EEA): What is the procedure for the sending/registering/dealing with the change request proposals?
  • Robert (JRC):
    • End of October deadline for registering proposals in the Redmine
    • MIG-14 Subgroup meeting in Rome will provide categorization of all proposals
    • Presentation and endorsement of the follow up actions by the MIG-T plenary
  • SDS Discussion paper (Steaming from the discussion about updates of TG
  • Daniela Hogrebe (DE): There is an update (intermediate version) of the TG for SDS in preparation including the new recommendations for implementing metadata for SDS. The metadata-related parts will be moved to the updated metadata TGs once they are available.

MIWP – 8: Update of the TG

  • Michael Östling presented the summary of the 3 issues and proposed actions addressed by the first update that were circulated to the MSs for voting
  • See the ppt.

Following the presentation of the feedback from the MIG-T survey a discussion on the expected impact of the changes developed. For the endorsement decision a clearer picture of impact and benefits of the proposed solutions/changes have to be provided. Michael Östling clarified that MIWP-8 got the mission to develop/propose the “best technical solution” and the expected impact of the changes on existing systems hasn’t played a major role in the discussions yet. Furthermore it was discussed if the update and endorsement of the TG shall be done regardless the missing assessment of the impact as the issue is already delayed and urgent (Alex Ramage). [Action Michael Östling: Check with MIWP-8 to what degree the group can provide an impact assessment of the proposed changes]

MIWP 21: Pilots for INSPIRE-based applications (including for e-reporting)¶

Robert: We have received 16 endorsements of ToR, 3 with comments (Thank to all who did itJ) , the remaining countries are encouraged to send their endorsement opinions asap. The establishment of the sub-group is now being debated at the CT as well as at DG ENV - related to the streamlining the eReporting process. The Next steps related to MIWP 21 will be communicated later on.

Topics for the MIG-T face to face meeting:

  1. Presentation / discussion / endorsement of the proposed (by MIWP 14) list of changes /additions to the Technical Guidelines docs.
  2. Size of GML files and flattening of complex GML structures
  3. Use of INSPIRE services for eReporting
  4. Changes in the TG for MD (MIWP-8)

[Action to all: All participants are reminded to propose discussion topics for the MIG-T physical meeting in Rome on #2504]

MIG-MIWP-8-Responses from memberstates.ppt - Presentation by Michael Östling (175 KB) Christian Ansorge, 02 Oct 2015 11:51 am