28th meeting of the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T)

Thursday, 31st of March 2016, 10:00-11:30 CEST

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Recording: MP4, AdobeConnect viewer


[10:00-10:10] Welcome and approval of the agenda (Michael Lutz)

[10:10-10:20] Minutes of the previous meetings (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)

[10:20-10:30] MIWP actions status reports (Michael Lutz)

[10:30-10:45] Draft TG for WCS-based Download Services (James Passmore)

  • Overview of the document
  • Next steps: MIG-T review, endorsement

[10:45-11:00] MIG-P consultation on SDS TG (Michael Lutz)

  • Summary of comments
  • Next steps

[11:00-11:15] Agenda face-to-face meeting (Michael Lutz)

  • MIWP discussion
  • Other topics
    • Endorsement of extensions
    • Ad-hoc activity on extensions
    • INSPIRE architecture 
    • Update on development of INSPIRE test framework
    • Update on geospatial ISA/ISA2 actions
    • ...

[11:15-11:25] MIWP-14 Change proposals

  • Status of the MIG-T quality / completeness check (#2739)
  • Next steps

[11:25-11:30] AOB



The minutes are based on the notes taken in the web-conference chat window by the scribe as well as comments made by participants in the chat.

Where “+1” is used in the minutes, this is to indicate support for the position of the previous speaker.

Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are tracked in the issue tracker. The currently open issues (including open issues from previous meetings) are summarised in the table at the end of the minutes.


Nathalie Delattre (BE), Nikolay Iv. Petrov (BG), Lanka Rejentova (CZ), Daniela Hogrebe (DE), Sulev Õitspuu (EE), Emilio López, Marisol Gómez (ES), Jari Reini (FI), Marie Lambois (FR), Henrique Silva (PT), Dragica Pajic (RS), Anders Rydén, Christina Wasström (SE), Alex Ramage, Tim Duffy, James Passmore (UK), Christian Ansorge, Paul Hasenohr (EEA), Robert Tomas, Michael Lutz, Vlado Cetl (JRC)

Welcome and approval of the agenda

Michael Lutz welcomed the participants and introduced new member of JRC INSPIRE team Vlado Cetl. Vlado will contribute in supporting activities of MIG. He also welcomed James Passmore from BGS (UK), who is the editor of the WCS-based download service TG.

The agenda was approved as proposed.

Minutes of the previous meetings

  • There were no comments on the minutes from the previous meeting and they were approved as they currently stand on the wiki.
  • The work on (#2696) is ongoing. Some more information will be provided in April.

MIWP actions status reports

  • MIWP-5
    • Status
      • 350+ comments received during the MS consultation (100 from MS) and 250+ from JRC and ARE3NA contractors (PwC/ii)
      • PwC/ii will propose resolutions for MS and JRC comments
      • MIWP-5 and JRC will propose resolutions for PwC/ii comments
      • Comment resolution is expected by mid of April before MIG-T face to face meeting
    • Discussion
      • Regarding the question about endorsement step, participants agreed that there is no need for another round of consultations.
      • Instead, it was emphasises that there is a need to a well-defined procedure for proposing ATS changes and for ATS maintenance
  • MIWP-6
    • Status
      • Progress since the last meeting. Some examples prepared. Documentation and requirements updated.
      • Next tasks by JRC to implement the upload and harvesting functionality, to specify and implement the search use case
      • Overall status is according to schedule
  • MIWP-7a
    • Status:
      • Work on D 2.9 and TG for review and endorsement download services is ongoing with contractors
  • MIWP-8
    • Status
      • Work on TG v2.0 is ongoing. Critical comments have been discussed in a web-conference. Remaining open issues are being discussed on the issue tracker. The final draft will be ready for MIG-T review on 04 April. Further comments should be made as a part of MIG-T review.
      • Once TG finalized the MIWP-8 should be formally closed with a web conference.
    • Discussion: Proposed roadmap for review and endorsement
      • MIG-T review: 4 April - 9 May (5 weeks)
      • Preparation of final version 2.0: 9 May - 6 June (4 weeks)
      • MIG-P endorsement at the face-to-face meeting on 28-29 June

Draft TG for WCS-based Download Services


  • Mapping from operations and parameters required by the IR to WCS specification
  • The mapping of Get Dataset and Describe Dataset operations are straightforward and require only the WCS 2.0 Core conformance class
  • The mapping of Get Spatial Object can be mapped to a WCS extension, the Describe Spatial Object operation cannot be mapped to WCS and would need a hybrid implementation (e.g. using Atom)


  • MIG-T Review open until 15 April. If needed deadline could be extended slightly.

MIG-P consultation on SDS TG

  • Feedback received from 22 countries. Comment table uploaded on 31 March. Most of the comments are editorial issues. Strong comments received from Romania where questions about basic legal interpretation are raised. DG ENV will be asked to help and clarify these issues.
  • [Action] SDS ad-hoc group (JRC, SE, DE, DG ENV) to propose comment resolution and finalise the document.

Agenda face-to-face meeting

  • 19-20 April at JRC, Ispra, Italy.
  • The main topic for the first day will be discussion on MIWP 2016-2020. Focus on working areas. Discussion will be splited up in several small groups. 
  • Agenda for the second day is still open.
    • Emilio proposed to discuss open issues related to monitoring and reporting (deadline in May). [Action] Emilio to share background information (doc or ppt) in good time before the meeting.
  • [Action] Proposals are still welcome by e-mail with clear description and questions for better preparation before meeting.
  • [Action] JRC to send out an updated agenda 

MIWP-14 Change proposals

  • 74 change proposal affecting INSPIRE legal and technical documents, including consistency issues in the legal text highlighted by FR (Benoit David).
  • Deadline for quality check and contributions/comments (#2739) is 15 April. 


  • New application added to the “Find your scope” tool: "CATALOGUE of all INSPIRE spatial objects defined in the INSPIRE legal framework".
  • Call for submissions (presentations, workshops, posters) for INSPIRE conference 2016 launched.
  • EEA asked about continuation of work of Thematic clusters. JRC answered it is still under discussion with DG ENV. Several participants emphasised the importance of the work of the Thematic Cluster facilitators for identifying and resolving issues in the INSPIRE implementation.
  • EEA informed about planned work on QGIS to consume data from INSPIRE WFS. An e-mail will be sent to the INSPIRE Pool of experts to ask about existing work in this area.


# Status Priority Subject Assignee
2696 New Normal Inform MIG-T about updated Geonetwork version supporting additional INSPIRE metadata elements Markus Jobst
2707 Work in progress Normal Analysis of access control to INSPIRE services Robin S. Smith
2428 Work in progress High Document xml schema updates Michael Lutz
2475 New Normal Collect INSPIRE schema extensions and best practices Christian Ansorge
2700 New Normal Propose an ad-hoc MIG-T activity around guidelines for extensions Michel Grothe
2699 New Normal Inform about ISA2 ELISE work programme Robin S. Smith
2698 New Normal Elaborate INSPIRE architecture / domain model Joeri Robbrecht
2697 New Normal Develop an XSLT script to automatically convert metadata from 1.3 to 2.0 Michael Östling
2381 Work in progress Normal Propose ToR for a subgroup around GML Michael Lutz
2695 New Normal Propose eENVplus outcomes to be considered for re-use or further maintenance by the MIG-T Carlo Cipolloni
2652 Work in progress Normal Feedback on initial proposals of issues for the MIG (Sep 2013) Robert Tomas
2385 Work in progress Normal INSPIRE data sets and services for a pan-European gazetteer (for the European ODP) Michael Lutz
2373 New Normal Collect best practices and guidelines on PIDs Christian Ansorge
2371 Work in progress Normal Feedback on proposed ARE3NA activities on AAA (access control) Robin S. Smith
2378 Work in progress Normal Propose good practices for INSPIRE end-to-end implementation Robin S. Smith
2244 Work in progress Normal Good examples of INSPIRE-related web sites Karen Fullerton
2372 New Normal Review existing guidelines for PIDs for spatial objects Christian Ansorge
2382 New Normal Provide translations of TG code list values Lorena Hernandez Quiros
2379 New Normal Include a section in the MIWP on the standard tasks of the MIG-T and MIG-P Michael Lutz
2376 New Normal Collect examples of APIs for INSPIRE data Michael Lutz
2375 New Normal Further investigate pan-European gazetteer use case Michael Lutz
2368 New Normal Draft a mapping from Network services IRs (download, view, transformation) to TJS Michel Grothe
2365 New Normal Draft release plan for update of download services TGs Alexander Kotsev
2364 New Normal Investigate outsourcing of task to collect good practices and make recommendations for extensions (and possibly schema flattening) Michael Lutz