29th meeting of the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T)

19-20 April 2016, JRC Visitors' Centre, Ispra, Italy

Agenda and presentations

Agenda and presentations


Welcome and approval of the agenda

The agenda was adopted without modifications.

Minutes of the previous meetings and review of open actions items

The minutes of 28th meeting were approved as they stand on the wiki.

See this review of open actions items for a detailed comments on each action item.

Feedback on draft MIWP 2016-2020

Summary conclusions

  • Most participants welcomed the MIWP 2016-2020 document as it sets out the strategic direction for the work in the coming years
  • The "lessons learnt" from the current MIWP should be analysed and conclusions drawn for the new MIWP
  • The actions of the MIWP now need to be defined in detail – this will require an interplay between MIG-T and MIG-P
  • It is also important to agree on which of the proposed and running actions should be continued and which ones not.
  • INSPIRE should not be developed in isolation. But funding from ENV will be focused on supporting environmental policies.
  • It would be detrimental if INSPIRE became an obstacle for using emerging technologies. INSPIRE should remain a driver for using new technologies.
  • Several MS expressed the concern that eventual changes in the Regulation on interoperability lead to discontinuity of the National implementation and it jeopardize the investments done. Stability of the legal text is needed.
  • Member States propose an action addressing the software vendors to accelerate the availability of software products and tools to facilitate the implementation.

See detailed notes from the introductory presentation and tour de table.

Defining new MIWP actions

Reports of rapporteurs of the break-out groups:

Comments from the discussion:

  • The discussion in the break-out group "end user application" focused heavily on requirements for the further development of the geoportal. The MIWP 2016-2020 should also describe actions for the planned end user applications (e.g. Information Portals for Pressures and EIA)
  • All actions require further work.
  • Next steps [Actions]
    • Break-out group facilitators to draft action descriptions based on the input from the discussions using the existing MIWP action template. (by beginning of May)
    • MIG-T members to provide feedback on proposed action descriptions by mid-May
    • JRC to include the draft action description in MIG-T feedback on the MIWP 2016-2020 by 25 May

MIWP actions status reports

MIWP-5 (validation)

  • The ATS comment resolution is bringing to light a number of issues in the existing guidelines, mainly related to ambiguity of requirements. This may lead to several change proposals to the existing guidelines.
  • Also, several cross-component consistency constraints (e.g. between data and metadata or services and data) are currently defined in the TGs. As part of the ATS comment resolution, these constraints will be collected, so that we can analyse them and decide whether it would be useful to collect them in a "infrastructure interoperability" guidance document.
  • It was agreed not to submit the ATS after the comment resolution to MIG-P for endorsement, but instead to inform MIG-T and MIG-P that the revised ATS will be the basis for the ETS development. MIG-T and/or MIG-P can then raise any issues they will see, so that they can be considered during the development. 

MIWP-6 (registers & registries)

  • Re3gistry software ver. 1.2 to be released, ver. 1.3 is in testing. Registry services release 6.1. ready. Register Federation ver. α2 ready for testing.
  • EEA has proposed to extend the scope of the sub-group to write a "propoer" TG document on registers (going beyond the currently planned FAQ page). Such a scope (and time) extension of the MIWP action will need to be discussed as part of the discussion on the MIWP 2016-2020.
  • Need for a Control Body and rules to manage changes on registers,(and federation of registries) in particular the ones derived from existing extendable code lists, when implementing the Regulation on interoperability, respecting the National governance and the European harmonization when streamlining policy requirements (and reporting).

MIWP-7a (SOS-based download services)

  • Results:
    • Updated Technical Guidance for SOS as download service
    • D2.9 Guidance for the use of O&M in INSPIRE
    • Extension of an open source SOS implementation to support specialised observation types.
  • Next steps:
    • present and submit results to MIG-T for endorsement,
    • submit work to OGC as best practice,
    • Workshops
      • FOSS4G (Bonn) - accepted
      • INSPIRE conference - planned by MIWP-7a participants
    • Investigate other solutions (e.g. SensorThings API)

MIWP-7b (WCS-based download services)

  • TG for WCS-based download services is currently under MIG-T review. The deadline has been extended until 29 April.

MIWP-8 (Metadata TG)

  • MD TG update is currently under MIG-T review. 
  • Some members of MIWP-5 volunteered to work on an ATS for the new TG in parallel to the consultation. This can be a good test for the requirements in the TG.
  • There is also an open action to work on an XSLT mapping between v1.3 and v2.0 of the TG. Michael will investigate with the MIWP-8 group if there are volunteers.

MIWP-14 (Theme-specific issues)

  • The consolidated Change proposal containing 74 change / correction proposals, 39 in IR was sent to MIG-T for the final quality/completeness check on 18.3. Up to now (deadline was 15.4. 5 countries responded (Sweden, Germany, France, UK, Czech Rep.). Majority of comments improve the clarity and readability of the issues descriptions. Once the document is updated it will be sent to MIG-P for further national consultation.
  • The MIG-T representatives were asked for additional comments – no further comments.
  • The MIG-T approved the proposal (once the comments incorporated).
  • Status of the continuation of the EC support to the INSPIRE thematic clusters. Work will most likely continue, maybe with some organizational changes and additional tasks for the TC facilitators to reflect / support the new strategic directions.
  • Some MSs expressed that MIWP-14 and the TC are priority tasks of MIWP and as such should continue.

Ad-hoc action SDS TG

  • Feedback received from 22 countries. Proposed document not endorsed by RO.
  • JRC and DG ENV, with support from SE and DE, are working on the comment resolution, including legal clarifications of the comments raised by RO.
  • Final vesion will be created incorporating the accepted comments.


Presentation on status of the ad-hoc action on data model extensions provided. Expert meeting will be organized on 21/04/2016 in Ispra
Presentation on proposed process for endorsing extensions. From the presentation the two options/categories of extensions were highlighted.

  1. Extensions as a good practice (only) published on the INSPIRE knowledge base (website, Thematic cluster etc..) without any evaluation from the MIG, CT.
  2. Extensions that will be fully indorsed by MIG (e.g. eReporting) where several issues need to be addressed (ownership, translations, maintenance etc..)

Discussion topics from the EL+OI+RS+GG cluster

Several presentations provided on:

  • Proposal for a Nested Grid
  • Need for an Official CRS Registry in Europe
  • Implementation of coverages

Development of the INSPIRE test framework - Design and next steps

Video conference presentation given by the ARE3NA contractors on the status of INSPIRE test framework

  • Alpha release expected in July/August 2016
  • Provide a reference implementation for all INSPIRE users

INSPIRE Knowledge base

New INSPIRE Web page presented. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Lunch break hands on presentation of the SW tools (new features) developed by EC&EEA INSPIRE team

Monitoring and reporting 2016

Presentation on dashboard. Question about what should be reported under INSPIRE. Answer what is written in INSPIRE Directive.

The discussion (initiated by Spain) took place around what data should actually be reported under the INSPIRE. Is the approach of creating national consolidated datasets by aggregating some local datasets OK?

  • From the legal point of view the DG ENV should be consulted.
  • From the technical/reliable data point of you the creation of national datasets (one per application schema) is not wrong providing that they contain majority (ideally all) of the spatial object types defined by relevant core data themes. However, such an approach should not limit provision of any local datasets.

Tools/services developed by MS

  • simple MD editor with support for YAML and JSON developed by FR. RNDT in Italy has developed a similar simple editor based on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Presentation on INSPIRE implementation in ČÚZK - State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre (CZ)

MIG-T relevant activities in the ELISE ISA2 action

Presentation given on

  • GeoDCAT-AP
  • ELISE European location interoperability solutions for eGovernment. Aims and timeline.

Conclusions and next steps

  • Discussion on MIWP will continue. Still work needed + detailed definition of concrete actions
  • Written feedback with concrete proposals expected by the 25 May
  • Quick review of current endorsed and actions.
    • MIWp-5 will continue
    • MIWP-6 work in progress. New proposals (e.g. guidelines for codelists) to be discussed
    • MIWP-7a and MIWP-7b to be completed by summer
    • MIWP-8 will be closed once TG adopted
    • MIWP-14 work in progress
    • MIWP-18a almost completed
    • MIWP-21 further discussion needed
  • [Action] JRC, EEA and ENV to prepare a proposal for discussion which of the proposed actions are core and which are lower priority.
  • INSPIRE Conference
    • Submission deadline 16 May.
    • The results from the on-going actions should be presented
    • [Action] JRC to organise a web-conference before deadline. Possible extension of deadline.
  • Proposal for joint meeting MIG-P & MIG-T on conference
  • Reminder on upcoming webinars
  • [Request for feedback] Proposal to MIG-T to open discussion/platform/ad hoc group to share and facilitate solving any possible technical obstacles that might occur to MS when providing the Annex I harmonized data sets/services by 12/2017.


Surname Name Country
Ansorge Christian EEA
Bonnici Kurt MT
Cetl Vlado JRC
Ciceli Tomislav HR
Cipolloni Carlo IT
Delattre Nathalie BE
Duffy Tim UK
Escriu Jordi ES
Fahrner Wolfgang AT
Gómez Marisol ES
Grothe Michel NL
Grudzień Marcin PL
Hadjiraftis Andreas CY
Hasenohr Paul EEA
Hogrebe Daniela DE
Kissiyar Ouns BE
Kotsev Alexander JRC
Lambois Marie FR
López Romero Emilio ES
Lutz Michael JRC
Mladenovic Uros SI
Nunes de Lima Vanda JRC
Õitspuu Sulev EE
Ozols Arvids LV
Palya Tamas HU
Pavicevic Bozidar ME
Petek Tomaž SI
Petrov Nikolay Ivanov BG
Polacek Jiri CZ
Ramage Alex UK
Reini Jari FI
Rejentova Lenka CZ
Robbrecht Joeri ENV
Rydén Anders SE
Seifert Markus DE
Silva Henrique PT
Storgaard Lars DK
Surma Ewa PL
Tomas Robert JRC
Tuchyňa Martin SK
Wasström Christina SE
Fierens Freddy JRC
Fullerton Karen JRC
Vrečar Simon JRC
Quaglia Angelo JRC
Smith Robin JRC
Martirano Giacomo JRC
Francioli Daniele JRC
Epure Emanuela JRC