Collaboration with OGC

OGC-JRC Collaboration Agreement

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) have signed a collaboration agreement to enhance the development and use of geospatial standards. It is anticipated that this collaboration will enable the JRC to more effectively contribute to the OGC standards process, and facilitate the consideration of European objectives and requirements during the development of international open geospatial standards. The agreement formalises the partners' planned collaboration in the field of development, application, maintenance and promotion of international open geospatial standards and best practices in support of European objectives and requirements, in particular in relation to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. [see full press release].

OGC member organisations represented in the MIG

A list of all European members can be found on the OGC web site.

Country Organisation OGC membership level* MIG contact point
EU Joint Research Centre (JRC) Technical Michael Lutz
EU European Environment Agency (EEA) Associate Paul Hasenohr
FIN National Land Survey of Finland Associate Jari Reini
NL Geonovum Technical Michel Grothe
DE Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) Associate Daniela Hogrebe
SE Lantmäteriet Associate Christina Wasström
FR Ministry for Sustainable Development Associate Marc Leobet

*OGC membership levels

  • Strategic
  • Principal
  • Technical
  • Associate
  • Small Company
  • NGO / Not For Profit Institute
  • GovFuture-Subnational
  • GovFuture-Local
  • University
  • Individual

OGC Europe Forum mailing list

Following the OGC-JRC collaboration agreement, the OGC has set up the Europe Forum mailing list as a discussion forum and communication channel for issues around INSPIRE and interoperability in Europe. Discussions topics on the list can include:
  • questions with relevance to European interoperability issues
  • feedback on OGC standards from the INSPIRE implementation experience
  • ideas for outreach and marketing activities
  • suggestions for Europe Forum meetings in preparation of TC Meeting overseas
  • local interoperability events
  • etc.

You can sign up to the e-mail reflector at