Discovery Service Register

The INSPIRE geoportal is regularly harvesting metadata from the national INSPIRE discovery services.

Ideally, there should be only one discovery service per country, but in some cases there may be more than one.

The discovery service endpoint, the harvesting frequency and an optional filter can be specified using the Discovery Service Register.


Requesting access to the Discovery Service Register

Access to the register for editing is protected.

Requests for authorizing additional users for a country (up to three users can be authorized for each Country) can be sent by the INSPIRE National INSPIRE Contact Point to the JRC geoportal team

The request must specify the email address registered for the ECAS account of the user.

Instructions to obtain an ECAS account are available here:

You will receive an email with the confirmation that your account is active.


Connecting to the Discovery Service Register

- Using your Internet browser, go to the Discovery Service Register.

- Click on the "Log In" button (framed in red color, in the following image):


- Enter your ECAS login and password and click on "LOGIN":


- After a few seconds, you will be redirected to the home page


Registering a new Discovery Service

- Connect to the service registry

- Click on the "New Submission" link (framed in red color, in the following image):


- You will have to select or to provide values for the items marked with a red number in the image below. Item 8 is optional  and can be left empty.


1. Member State

Ensure the correct Member State is selected.

If it is not correct, please abort the registration clicking on the "Cancel" button and report the issue to the geoportal team.

2. Get Discovery Service Metadata Requests

It is the URL returning the GetCapabilities document of your CSW service, like for example:

3. Service type

"discovery" is the only supported value, at the moment, for an INSPIRE Discovery Service

4. Value of maxrecords

It is the maximum number of records requested to be returned by every single GetRecords request.

It is usually set to 20 but if the number of metadata documents is very high it might be more efficient to specify a higher value since it reduces the overall number of GetRecords HTTP requests needed by the INSPIRE Geoportal to fetch all the records.

The optimal value of this parameter is highly dependent on how your CSW service is configured and implemented.

5. Max parallel HTTP requests

It is the number of concurrent requests that the INSPIRE Geoportal is allowed to fire during the harvesting.

Its default value is 1 but a higher value will usually result in a lower elapsed time needed for the harvesting but also in a higher load for your service. Similarly to the previous parameter, the optimal value is highly dependent on how your CSW service is configured and implemented.

A higher value might also be beneficial in case you have View and Download Services offering, respectively, many layers and datasets. The reason is that the INSPIRE Geoportal probes each layer and each download link to ensure the service is operational.

6. Recaching frequency

It is the frequency with which the INSPIRE Geoportal will run a new harvesting, starting from the end of the previous one.

Choose daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly according to the update frequency of your metadata records

7. Discovery Link Scenario

It is the scenario chosen as explained in the Technical Guidance for INSPIRE Discovery Services:

Its default value is “centralised” which means that all National metadata documents are centralized in the CSW service that you are registering.

8. Discovery Filter Text (optional)

It is an optional parameter.

It is the OGC Filter that the INSPIRE Geoportal will send with which GetRecords request.

For example, the following OGC Filter only selects the resource types that are relevant for INSPIRE:

<ogc:Filter xmlns:ogc="">


- When all the values are as desired, click on the "Submit" button.

The process might take several minutes as the Discovery Service is contacted and its response is analyzed.

Please wait for the confirmation page to appear.



Modifying an existing Discovery Service registration

Connect to the service registry

- Click on "My submissions"

- Select on the registration you wish to modify (1)

- Click on "Modify Selected" (2)



- The "Modify A Submission" page will display.

- You can edit the values marked with 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 in the figure below. For a descriprion of each field, please refer to the section "Registering a new Discovery Service" above

- when finished with the changes, click on "Apply Modifications" (9).