Implementation examples

Use this wiki page or INSPIRE_implementation_examples_template.xlsx as a template for describing end-to-end implementation examples.

Add an overview table (see Spanish example below) with links to your Excel document or the wiki page below.


The following INSPIRE implementation examples are documented in INSPIRE_implementation_examples_ES.xlsx

Title Title (in English) Description
Nomenclátor Geográfico Básico de España Basic Geographic Gazetteer of Spain Geographical name official data set at a scale of 1:25.000, developed by the IGN in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities 
Líneas limite municipales 1:25.000 Administrative Units of Spain Administrative units and boundaires at a scale of 1:25.000 (national, regional and local level)
Cartociudad Cartociudad A collaborative project of Transport Network data production. It contains the following information:Continuous road network (streets with building numbers and roads with kilometer points), Urban mapping and toponymy, Post codes and Census districts and tracts.
Plan Nacional de Ortofotografía Aérea Spanish National Plan for Aerial National Plan for Aerial Orthophotography (PNOA), which provides, among other photogrammetric products, periodic coverage (each 3 years) of the entire national territory via very high resolution aerial orthophotography: PNOA25/50 (25/50 cm) and PNOA10 (10 cm).
Modelo Digital del Terreno Digital Terrain Model Digital Terrain Model at a scale of 200, 25 and 5 meters
BTN 1:100.000 y BTN 1:25.000 Topographic Cartographic Database of Spain at scales 1:100.000 and 1:25.000 Topographic Cartographic Database 1:100,000 (BTN100) and for intermediate scales is used National Topographic Base 1:25,000 (BTN25) and Base Cartográfica Numérica 1:25,000 (BCN25), SIGLIM (Administrative boundaries GIS). 
Transporte Transport Network from BTN100 Road transport Network from The National Topographic Map (scale 1/100.000)
Hidrografia Hidrography from BTN100

Hidrography from The National Topographic Map (scale 1/100.000)

CORINE y SIOSE CORINE and Use Information System of Spain (SIOSE) This Land Cover and Use Information System of Spain (SIOSE), able to integrate different data of regional and national administrations, is a project destined for being a Spanish and European reference as regards geographic information.

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