33rd meeting of the MIG permanent technical sub-group (MIG-T)

Thursday, 6th of October 2016, 10:00-11:30 CEST

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[10:00-10:10] Welcome and approval of the agenda (Michael Lutz)

[10:10-10:20] Minutes of the previous meetings (for discussion and agreement) (Michael Lutz)

[10:20-10:45] MIWP actions status reports (Michael Lutz)

[10:45-11:00] INSPIRE reporting of Strategic Noise Maps (Ouns Kissiyar)

[11:00-11:15] Planning & agenda MIG-T face-to-face meeting (all)

[11:15-11:30] AOB



The minutes are based on the notes taken in the web-conference chat window by the scribe as well as comments made by participants in the chat.

Where “+1” is used in the minutes, this is to indicate support for the position of the previous speaker.

Actions are indicated in the minutes using the keyword [Action] and are tracked in the issue tracker. The currently open issues (including open issues from previous meetings) are summarised in the table at the end of the minutes.


MIG-T members: Anders Ryden, Christina Wasstroem (SE), Daniela Hogrebe (DE), Jari Reini (FI), Carlo Cipolloni (IT), Christine Najar (CH), Dagica Pajic (RS), Elena Grigoriou (EL), Ine de Visser (NL), , Jiri Polacek (CZ), Kurt Bonnici (MT), Lars Storgard (DK), Ewa Surma, Marcin Grudzień (PL), Markus Jobst (AT), Jason King, Tim Duffy (until 10:30) (UK), Nathalie Delattre, Ouns Kissiyar (BE), Nikolay Iv. Petrov (BG), Paulo Patricio (PT), Tomislav Ciceli (HR), Vlado Cetl (from 11:00) and Michael Lutz (JRC)

Observers: Simon Shilton (UK), Denise Zahra and colleagues (MT)

Welcome and approval of the agenda

Michael Lutz welcomed the participants, and in particular Jason King, wo will be replacing Alex Ramage as the main UK MIG-T representative, and Ine de Visser (NL), wo is temporarily replacing Michel Grothe as the Dutch MIG-T representative.

Michael also welcomed Simon Shilton and colleagues from Malta, who were participating in the meeting as observers to participate in the discussion on noise reporting.

The agenda was approved as proposed.

Since there are recurring problems with the audio and microphones, which makes the running of the meeting difficult, Michael reminded everyone to make sure that they have working speakers, microphones or headsets for the meeting, or else to consider using the phone dial in options.

Minutes of the previous meetings

  • There were no comments on the minutes from the previous meeting and they were approved as they currently stand on the wiki.
  • Open action items review
    • A number of actions has been closed. See page with recently closed actions from MIG-T meetings
    • #2700 has been closed. [Action] Ine de Visser to create a wiki page on the MIG collaboration platform (or send text to Michael Lutz) introducing the ad-hoc MIG-T action on extensions

MIWP actions status reports

Notes from the discussion:

  • 2016.3 (MIWP-5):
    • Testing of the new validation framework and ATS should primarily be done by the 2016.3 sub-group and interested testers (not necessarily the whole MIG-T)
    • The tests for the DS TGs are not limited to HY, PS, AU, CP. These are just the first themes the contractors started working on. The goal is to have at least all Annex I themes covered initially (because of the 2017 deadline)
  • MIWP-8: The updated TG version incorporating the MIG-T comments and the comment resolution table are planned to be finalised by JRC in mid-October. It will then pass to DG ENV for submision to MIG-P for a final review and eventual endor
  • MIWP-7b: Discuss at the next MIG-T face-to-face meeting how to include the planned work on the guidelines for providing coverage data in the new MIWP 2016-2020 (as a stand-alone action, as part of a wider new action in relation to Copernicus (synergies with other policies) or as part of 2016.4 (theme-specific issues))
  • List of priority data sets: Interal discussions and further development of the list and how to make use of it between JRC, DG ENV and EEA. This will be presented at the face-to-face meeting.
  • 2016.2 (M&R 2019) will kick-off on 27 October.

INSPIRE reporting of Strategic Noise Maps


  • Ouns Kissiyar summarised the main three bottlenecks identified in Belgium for the uniform and "correct" INSPIRE reporting of the Environmental Noise Maps produced under the requirements of Directive 2002/49/EC (see attachment:2016_INSPIRE_Reporting_of_Strategic_Noise_Maps.pdf):
    1. the correct INSPIRE theme under which these data should be reported,
    2. the format of the data to be reported and to a lesser extent
    3. the publication of other datasets needed for the production. 
  • Ouns then summarised the outcomes of a meeting on INSPIRE reporting of Strategic Noise maps on 30/06/2016, attended by experts from AT, BE, DE, DK, MT, RO, SE and SK (see INSPIRE_Reporting_of_Strategic_Noise_Maps__Meeting_notes.docx). During the discussions the following issues surfaced repeatedly : 
    1. Some member states do not produce maps at any stage of the reporting and communicate csv files to the EEA as explicitly allowed in the technical report  published by the EEA. 
    2. There is no mapping between the datasets reported to the EEA and the Datasets needed to be reported under INSPIRE. 
    3. Apart from Raster files, some member states who do report GIS files do report vector files (as there are ISO monolines). There is no accepted way to do this and information is currently being lost. 
    4. The current (INSPIRE) data model used to report the data only allows for one value and does not provide the possibility to report ranges. 
  • Ouns concluded with asking how this discussion should be best followed up?


  • Michael Lutz suggested that any follow-up should ideally be done as an "e-Reporting project" under the governance of the Project Steering Group (PSG) of the Focus Group on the Fitness Check of Environmental Monitoring and Reporting. It would be important to involve the relevant thematic units in DG ENV and EEA in such a project.
  • There was some discussion whether such a project could be successful already for the current reporting cycle, given that the deadline for reporting are in June 2017 (strategic noise maps to be produced) and December 2017 (strategic noise maps to be reported). It might be more realistic to have updated reporting guidelines for the next cycle in 2022. However, there is currently a lot of attention in the MS because of the up-coming deadlines, so there may be a "window of opportunity" to have these discussions now.
  • It should be checked what recommendations are included in the fitness check on the END and whether any of them refer to INSPIRE.
  • [Action] Ouns to contact Member States in order to find out who would be supporting and/or interested in participating in an e-Reporting project on END and INSPIRE
  • [Action] Michael to inform DG ENV and EEA

Planning & agenda MIG-T face-to-face meeting

Michael Lutz presented a proposed updated agenda for the MIG-T face-to-face meeting: 20161025-26_MIG-T_meeting_draft_agenda_updated_20161006.docx

The participants agreed to the proposed agenda. Christina Wasstroem and Anders Ryden reminded that it was proposed in the last meeting to discuss the issue that some countries will only consult their stakeholders during the MIG-P review phase, which could lead to major comments very late in the process. Michael Lutz agreed, but cautioned that this would also need to be discussed at the level of the MIG-P.


Michael informed the participants about the JRC's open-ended selection procedure to create a pool of candidates from which to recruit contract staff (temporary contracts up to 6 years) and asked to spread this information in their networks.

Vlado asked for volunteers for the next national implementation webinars. Interested MIG-T members, please get in touch with Vlado.


INSPIRE_Reporting_of_Strategic_Noise_Maps__Meeting_notes.docx (54.9 KB) Michael Lutz, 05 Oct 2016 12:18 pm

2016_INSPIRE_Reporting_of_Strategic_Noise_Maps.pdf (698 KB) Michael Lutz, 05 Oct 2016 12:18 pm

20161025-26_MIG-T_meeting_draft_agenda_updated_20161006.docx (432 KB) Michael Lutz, 10 Oct 2016 09:39 am